the Leaders of the PSD convocaseră meeting of the Executive Committee for the 29th of January, in Iasi, with the purpose to discuss the restructuring plan of Government proposed by prime minister Mihai Tudose. Meanwhile, Tudose demanded the resignation of the Interior minister, Carmen, Dan, one of the loyal people of Liviu Dragnea, on the grounds that he lied in scadalul cop-pedophile.

In reply, Liviu Dragnea, accompanied by deputy prime minister Paul Stănescu, he went through the north of the country to discuss with the barons PSD small and medium-sized enterprises the change of the prime minister. After the mini-tournament’s Dragnea through the country, several leaders of PSD close by Liviu Dragnea have requested an emergency meeting of the National Executive Committee (CEx) for resolving the crisis within the party.

the Rush of Liviu Dragnea is explained by the fact that the leader of the PSD still has a majority in the CEX, although the war with Mihai Tudose has detracted seriously from the authority. However, if he waited until on the 29th of January, the chances that the prime minister Tudose to outline a majority in the CEX were growing up.

the Mayor of the Capital, Gabriela Firea, has asked fast a CEX, saying that, regardless of the solutions that will result from the meeting of the CEX, it is definitely better than the current instability.

“I Watch with concern what is happening in the political life of a few days. I can be indifferent, even if you are concerned about the overarching issues of the Capital. I notice that the engines of local and central public administration have slowed down. It is a organic reaction to the political crisis,” wrote Gabriela Firea on his page Faebook.

According to the Rovanei Lead, the situation of instability in the last period, can no longer continue. “Every day that goes by in such a climate is detrimental to the romanians. That’s why, I believe that the PSD should convene as quickly as possible CExN – to slice things and to return us to a state of calm and predictability,“ posted Lead on his page of the social media.

Who is part of CEX

According to the statute PSD, the National Executive Committee shall consist of:

  • members of the Standing Bureau of the National, with the right to vote; ( PSD president, executive president, vice presidents, prime minister – n.r)
  • the leaders of the parliamentary groups;
  • the leader of the PSD in the European Parliament;
  • the presidents of the district organizations / sector of PSD;
  • the president of the municipal organization PSD Bucharest;
  • president of PSD Diaspora;
  • president of the PSD the Republic of Moldova;
  • presidents of the TSD, OFSD, OPSD, LAL, PES Activists Romania.

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