UPDATE Liviu Dragnea presented them to his colleagues in the party the difficult situation in which is PSD in this moment, in which there are tensions between the Government and the codducerea party. “I arrived in a tense situation, due to many people, but my fault. The communication was handled badly, both from my side and from the Government. He entered a spiral of suspicion and distrust, which put Michael in a state of maximum tension. In Mihai I held and hold still. I’ll take my state of annoyance and tension in which got Michael and my fault“, said Liviu Dragnea, according to transcripts of the meeting published by perhaps.en.
moreover, the PSD leader punctatn the fact that he no longer wants to be put in a position to reach the hand of the head of state for the appointment of a new premier. “I the third time to Read I’m not going (…) I know each of you and we risk finding ourselves in a situation in which we kill by implosion. We need to stop,“ added Dragnea.
UPDATE Mihai Tudose, before CEX: “Anytime I ask for party, I quit.”
UPDATE has finished dscuția between four eyes of Liviu Dragnea Mihai Tudose. Asked, at the end, as he sees the message of the president Iohannis not to appoint another prime minister from the PSD in case you Tudose will be slammed, Dragnea answered: “Ouch!”
UPDATE Claudiu Manda, senator PSD: “I don’t think that the prime minister will make reshuffles in spite of today’s vote of the party. The prime minister has the obligation to comply with the government program, the party“
UPDATE According to sources the political, the leaders of the PSD will vote against the revocation of the ministers with criminal matters Sevil Shhaideh and Rovana Plumb. Basically, the prime minister Mihai Tudose will be forced to resign.
UPDATE Mihai Fifor, the minister of the Economy: “I don’t believe in stuff like this with ministers with criminal matters. I know that I have colleagues”
UPDATE Rovana Plumb: “I am a party man and for me the party really means a lot. The function was entrusted by the party.My position will be expressed in the framework of CEx“. Asked if he quits, the Lead replied: “This we will clarify in the CEx. It’s important the stability of the country“.
UPDATE Marian Neacsu, secretary general PSD: this is Not a scenario the exit of the ruling, but we’ll see what is to be done. This is not the case of a new motion. We need to treat this situation with so much calm. A resignation is unlikely.
UPDATE Gabriela Firea: How could we take care of the government program if we are more attentive to public opinion polls or other issues that I consider ridiculous?
UPDATE Following the meeting of the coalition PSD-ALDE. the Leaders of the PSD were met in a meeting to be restricted.
UPDATE Calin Popescu Tariceanu after the meeting ALDE: “we cannot accept MS. to make the Government as suits them. Therefore, we took a decision almost two weeks by the support of his Viorel Ilie is maintained. We do not agree with an act of resignation its own because we we gave him political support. In the Senate held a vote. He was one of rejection for the prosecution. On the other hand, the prime minister claimed that the two ministries would work with european funds and it would create a mess in Brussels. And there we have question marks. I repeat, we maintain the position adopted and on which i shall communicate to prime minister“.
UPDATE the Leadership of the ALDE group met at the party headquarters to decide whether or not to accept the reshuffle Viorel Ilie Government Tudose. At the same time, they will decide how it positions itself with regard to the scandal Dragnea-Tudose, according to some political sources.

the Executive Committee of the PSD shall meet at 17.00, will decide and approve the list of ministers who will be replaced, and before this meeting would take place and a meeting of the Coalition PSD-ALDE, in the conditions in which one of the ministers concerned is Viorel Ilie.

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