Sources: the daea has threatened the employees of the APIA that abolishes the institution if more are protesting the lowering of wages. Major strike next Wednesday


the Minister of Agriculture, Peter the daea, do further pressure as the employees of the Agency for Payments and Intervention in Agriculture (APIA) from across the country to give up the protest. Employees WHO are dissatisfied with the fact that the new law on salaries, which will enter into force on January 1, 2018, we will decrease the salaries with the amounts between 700 and 2,800 lei. And reducing their wages do not even apply to the unit, for all employees, but only to those in the territory. Employees APIA in Bucharest will stay with their salaries intact.

the Minister of Agriculture, Peter the daea, has asked managers of the country to quell the employees, on the grounds that it would have to be content and with the money left over after cutting the wage. Political sources have told “the Truth” that the daea has threatened the executives and union leaders that will abolish all PIAA if people don’t stop at the protest, and the european money Romania attracts them to farmers will be distributed through another institution subordinated to the Ministry of Agriculture: the Agency for Funding Rural Investments ( AFIR).

the Sources claim that some executives, mainly those who support the political of the PSD, trying to put his fist in his mouth to the employees and prevent them from protesting in front of the institutions. On the other hand, union leaders prepare on Wednesday a wide-ranging strike in front of the Ministry of Agriculture, in which will take part hundreds of employees APIA from all over the country.

PSD Sources have told “the Truth” that Peter the daea, the minister of Agriculture, discussed in the Government the issue of wages differentiated, only that the one who vehemently opposed an increase was Olguţa Vasilescu, on the grounds that “the employees of the APIA were, however, higher wages like the rest of the public sector”. “The problem is the budget on 2018. Olguţa don’t know where to gather money to cover the wage increases”, sources said, “the Truth”.

the Joy kept only two years
In 2015, Daniel Constantin, at that time minister of Agriculture in the Ponta Government, he increased the consistent salaries in APIA, bringing them to the level of the employees of the Ministry of European Funds. “At that time, it was decided that all institutions working with eu funds to have equal salaries. Only that and then I was at a disadvantage. Even with that magnification, I have arrived at a level of 85% of the wages which are paid to the Ministry of European Funds“, said Octavian Mateescu, president of the Federation of trade Unions of APIA.

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