South Africa: A rapper died on stage, in full concert

In Johannesburg, South Africa, local rapper Costa Titch, 28, has died while performing his concert in front of thousands of people.

The moment was recorded in different videos that were captured by the artist’s fans themselves, who recorded his presentation without waiting for the fateful end.

In the footage, you can see how the singer, who sang his lyrics at the top of his lungs and walked around the stage with great energy, fades twice during one of his songs. The one that would turn out, dramatically, his last song.

The first stumble did not arouse alerts since it was very fast – it seemed like a fall – and then Titch rejoined only to continue with his performance as if nothing had happened.

But the second fall was fatal: it was only a few seconds later and since then the rapper has not reacted again, causing the immediate interruption of the concert.

With the rapper lying on the ground, the musicians who accompanied him quickly came to help him and, shouting, they proceeded to call 911. Medics arrived at the scene to assist him, in what appeared to be a fainting spell.

However, after a few hours, a statement from Titch’s family announcing his death shocked both his fans and the world of South African music.

“With deep pain we are forced to acknowledge his death at this time,” his relatives indicated in a document that they released to the local press.

In it, his relatives thanked “the emergency teams and all those who were present in his last hours on Earth.”

“As a family, we are facing a difficult time as we try to understand what has happened to us and ask that we be given time and space to come together,” they added.

For its part, from the Ultra Music Festival in which he was performing when he died, they also released a statement.

In it they stated: “We are devastated by the sudden loss of a South African artist, a talented rapper, dancer, songwriter, collaborator and friend.”

So far there were no reports on the causes that led to his death.

Who was Costa Titch, the rapper who died in full concert

Costa Titch was 28 years old and his real name was Costa Tsobanoglou. Her career in the artistic world was several years ago, although not as a singer.

He started out as a dancer. And it was with that profession that he began to dabble on stage and in the entertainment industry that later gave him the opportunity to work as a rapper.

He had recently ventured into music, but his career was growing by leaps and bounds: at the beginning of the year he had signed with the record label of the popular Senegalese-American rapper Akon with the aim of launching his career internationally, according to what the artist himself declared in an interview.