South Africa: controversy over a minister who denounces the judiciary

#Other countries : The South African Minister of Tourism, Lindiwe Sisulu, daughter of the heroes of the anti-apartheid struggle Walter and Albertina Sisulu, has been arousing controversy for several days, by attacking in turn the judiciary and even the Constitution of Africa from South.

The Constitution of the young democracy, born in 1994, «indeed sets high standards for our democratic life» most «this is not the gospel», wrote the minister on Sunday.

«Rather than an untouchable and blameless sacred relic, I see it as a living, evolving document.» and who can be «open to discussion, debate and criticism».

President Cyril Ramaphosa, without quoting her, replied Monday morning in his weekly letter: «We must protect ourselves against all efforts to diminish our hard-won democracy».

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Lindiwe Sisulu, 67, is seeking, according to political scientists, to place herself in the race for the head of the ANC, the historical party still in power, today divided and which must decide in December whether to maintain Ramaphosa as the next candidate for the presidential.

Last week, she shocked by attacking the judiciary, saying that «in the upper echelons of our justice system are those mentally colonized Africans, who have adopted the worldview and mindset of those who dispossessed their ancestors».

Still without quoting the daughter of Walter and Albertina Sisulu, Ramaphosa underlined the «need to protect our constitution, our democratic state and the electoral process against anyone who wants to weaken our democracy».