South Africa supports Morocco for the 2026 World Cup

South Africa supports Morocco for the 2026 World Cup

The hierarchy of South African football, Danny Jordaan , he promised Morocco ” unrestricted backup “to get the headquarters of the Quatar World Cup 2026 , in the bid against the candidacy of North America . The South African Football Federation reported on Monday that Jordaan he guaranteed a delegation of the candidacy of Morocco visit to the country that will “personally convince” other African leaders prior to the June 13 vote on Moscow . Morocco faces the project of United States, Canada and Mexico for ride the second World at continent African . South Africa hosted it in 2010 after overtaking Morocco and Egypt in the vote. The candidacy of South Africa 2010 is investigated by the Department of Justice of U.S for a suspicious payment of 10 million dollars to voters of the FIFA that were part of the block of North America . In the indictments that were disclosed in 2015, two of the “conspirators” are leaders of South African football, which were not identified . Now, Morocco competes against the Americans for the venue of a tournament with 48 selections . Until 207 federations member of the FIFA they will vote at the congress on the eve of Russian World Cup 2018 . The leaders of the North American candidacy met in February with the 14 members of the COSAFA, the group of countries from the south of the continent during a meeting in Johannesburg .

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