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South Korea, do away with these videos that violate the intimacy of women

In recent months, the "molka", these videos filming the South Korean in their privacy through spy cameras placed in public places, proliferate in the country.

In order to fight against this practice, which persists despite the complaints of women, Seoul has sentenced to prison one of the key figures of South Korean pornography.

The verdict fell on Thursday, Jan. 10: "Song," the 45-year-old co-founder of South Korea's largest adult website, will spend the next four years in jail. The conviction, which comes with a fine of about one million euros (1.4 billion won, the South Korean currency), comes amidst indignation by South Koreans against pornography. spy camera.

Filming the intimacy of women without their knowledge

In recent months, tens of thousands of South Koreans have participated in demonstrations to denounce the "molka", these videos composed of images shot without their knowledge in locker rooms and school toilets or train. Proof of the scale of the phenomenon, the evolution of the number of reports to the police involving spy cameras that increased from 1,100 to 6,500 during the year 2018. On average, this is 17.8 daily reports.

Also causing the anger of South Koreans, the very low rate of conviction of individuals recognized "molka", and although the production or distribution of pornography is officially illegal in the country.

The impunity of voyeurs

If more and more voyeurs are reported, very few are punished. The proof in figures: in 2016, according to a South Korean politician, Park Kyung-mi, 4,499 suspects were identified by the police. Yet only 1,720 were judged, or 38%. Even worse, of the trials that took place between January and June 2018, only 10.5% resulted in prison sentences. Individuals found guilty are usually punished with a fine, a little dissuasive penalty.

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Government Awareness

In the face of citizens' anger, the authorities first tried to respond to the problem by mobilizing additional staff to inspect the toilets daily. A measure of efficiency ultimately limited, the voyeurs are extremely fast and can sometimes install and recover their cameras in just 15 minutes.

On Thursday, January 10, however, the government's response failed by condemning the co-founder and owner of Soranet, a porn site founded in 1999, which offered thousands of pornographic videos, including pornographic revenge And molka.

Arrested last June, Song had lived in New Zealand for years. In a statement, the court found her guilty of " seriously undermined the universal dignity of others While pulling " a huge profit ".

The phenomenon "MeToo"

This announcement of the court intervenes in a particular context since feminist themes dominated all the year 2018 in South Korea where the patriarchal norms are nevertheless deeply rooted.

Since the arrival, admittedly late, of the movement Me Too In the country at the beginning of 2018, women's voices rise to denounce inequalities and progress is to be made. In April, airline hostesses were allowed to wear glasses. In the same way, their sisters of the competing company Asiana negotiated the right to have short hair.

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"Without corset"

Later, in June, social networks were also the scene of women's emancipation. On Twitter, thousands of Korean women posted photos of their garbage and cut hair under the keyword " without corset ".

In the same vein, an all-female taxis project, named Waygo Lady, was approved by Seoul last December. Imagined by the company Tago Solution, Waygo Lady will offer about twenty vehicles driven and reserved only for women. Aim of the service, to reduce the sexual assaults of which South-Korean women are victims.

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