South Korea wears Squid Game costumes to organize state protest mob demanding unfair labor rights

80,000 South Korean union members protested against the government for their rights under democratic rule without eviction or crackdown by the police. Many of them came in costumes from the hit series ‘Squid Game’ because they “feel like the characters” to claim unfair labor rights.

The landmark in 13 South Korea’s main cities was packed with around 80,000 people from the South Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, who took to the streets to protest the government for workers’ rights. In Seoul alone, people joined the protests. 27,000-30,000 people settled in Gwanghwamun Square. which has 12,000 police officers to look after the situation Some places have fences and buses are used to block the area.

“We feel the same as the characters in Squid Game.”

Many of the protesters wore costumes from the world-famous ‘Squid Game’ series from Netflix, with Insider reporting that the reason they wore it wasn’t just because of the series’ popularity, but because “they I’m feeling the same as the characters in the story who have to deal with debt problems. injustice in society and struggling to survive in difficult situations to feed each day’s stomach.”

The Straits Times report said protesters wanted to call on the current government to implement more effective measures to treat informal workers in South Korea (Irregular Workers). and called for an increase in the minimum wage to be fair to workers.

Pressure before the March elections, 2022

The protests put pressure on the upcoming government led by President Moon Jae In. And new elections will be held on March 9, 2022, which will be the country’s eighth presidential election after the rule. ‘Democracy’

South Korean President Moon Jae-in has advised people to avoid protests to contain the spread of COVID-19. Currently in Seoul, social distancing measures are still strictly adhered to. Among the outbreaks, the average daily number of new infections in the past seven days stood at 1,478.

Reuters reports that up to eight people can now get together if four of them have received the full dose of the vaccine. While in some regions people can gather up to 10 people, of course, protesting is something that is not possible under state measures at the moment.