South Korea’s prime minister apologizes to citizens after 247 sailors on board tested positive for coronavirus

South Korean Prime Minister Apologizes to People admit every mistake Case of 247 soldiers on a warship infected with coronavirus during a mission at sea

Kim Bu-kyum, Prime Minister of South Korea released a statement on Tuesday. Apologize to the people for the mismanagement of the government. who can’t take good care of the soldiers of the nation

It follows a case of a cluster infected with the coronavirus aboard the destroyer Munmu, which is mostly soldiers in the Seonghae Special Forces of 301 soldiers who are engaged in anti-piracy missions in the Gulf of Aden. between yemen with the Arabian Sea and Djibouti in eastern Africa. which is an important shipping route before entering the Suez Canal area

The 301 crew members have confirmed 247 cases, of which 12 are seriously ill, marking the South Korean military’s biggest cluster of coronavirus cases. The government confirmed that From now on, we will take best care of the infected and high-risk soldiers from the Munmu ship.

General Suh Wook, Minister of Defense of South Korea has issued a statement ready to admit the mistake as well In addition to infection, it was found that None of the soldiers on board have been vaccinated against the coronavirus. in advance of operating from a month last Feb. and is scheduled to perform missions in the middle of the sea for up to 8 months

After this, the defense will review policies and rigorous health systems. before sending soldiers on missions abroad At the same time, the government has sent 2 military planes to take the 301 crew back to the country, as well as turn the personnel to the reserve team to lead the ship back to the country.



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