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South Sumatra Governor Says the term Emergency PPKM will be replaced because people are afraid

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The Governor of South Sumatra (Sumsel) Herman Deru revealed that the term emergency PPKM would be replaced. According to him, emergency PPKM is considered scary by residents.

“I asked the President for PPKM, ‘Sir, don’t use the term emergency anymore, it’s scary wong (horrified people). Now this was changed, apparently it was agreed that there would be no more emergency terms. So play on the level bae (only), level I, level II, level III and IV. So there is no emergency PPKM term. South Sumatra residents dak (do not) hesitate any longer, dak katek (no longer exists) the term emergency PPKM,” said Herman Deru in Palembang, Monday (7/19/2021).

This was conveyed by Herman Deru after he attended a meeting with President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) to discuss emergency PPKM. The meeting between Jokowi and regional heads was held this afternoon.

Jokowi was initially reported to have held a limited meeting with ministers to discuss the emergency PPKM this morning. At 13.00 WIB, Jokowi was also called to hold a meeting with regional heads to absorb aspirations from the regions regarding positive or negative things regarding emergency PPKM.

Back to Herman Roar. He said that increasing the discipline of health protocols in order to suppress the spread of the Corona virus was still being carried out. Especially, said Herman Deru, the use of masks.

“Only, to increase discipline, health procedures must be tightened. The main mask, that’s what the president said, and this is certainly followed by all ranks,” he said.

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He said the tightening would be carried out depending on the level of the Corona situation in the area. He emphasized that there was no longer an emergency PPKM term.

“Depending on the level, if the level goes down, it will be relaxed a bit. Levels up are tightened, but there is no more emergency PPKM, that’s clear,” he said.

The government itself has implemented emergency PPKM since July 3 and will end on July 20, 2021. Whether or not the emergency PPKM is extended is still waiting for an announcement from the central government.

Also watch the video ‘Members of Commission VI on Emergency PPKM: Let MSMEs Sell’:

[Gambas:Video 20detik]

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