The turbo government of Sebastian Kurz, who in his first months of life has already undertaken numerous reforms, sometimes challenged, now also accelerates on the double Italian-Austrian passport for South Tyrol. In September, the draft of the bill should be ready, even if Vienna emphasizes the European spirit of the initiative and ensures that it wishes to act only in agreement with Rome.

In the last weeks in Vienna, some technicians have met several times. In the next session of the working group, scheduled for September 7, the draft bill should be defined.

"It is positive that the working group has emphasized the need for an agreement with Rome in the double passport issue", highlights the South Tyrolean governor Arno Kompatscher. The legal nodes seem to be dissolved, expanding the rights for all EU citizens, who also own the Austrian passport, and not only for the South Tyrol. The question of the access criterion remains.

The draft – as the newspaper Tiroler Tageszeitung writes – speaks of «all Italian citizens resident in South Tyrol of German and Ladin mother tongue». It seems unlikely that the only parameter can be the declaration of linguistic affiliation that in the Province of Bolzano is essential for access to public employment and many social benefits, such as facilitated building.

The "Sprachgruppenzugehoerigkeitserklaerung" (this is its German name) is filed in court in Bolzano and is subject to extremely strict privacy. It is no secret that Suedtiroler Volkspartei would have preferred the issue of double passport to remain stationary until after the provincial elections on 21 October, to avoid exploitation, but the Kurz government evidently pulls straight. As we learn, there would already have been first contacts on the subject with Rome, where in the meantime the government has changed. The executive Gentiloni on several occasions had said he was perplexed, the Fpoe of Vice-Chancellor Heinz Christian Strache now hopes especially in the League as interlocutor.

«Better double passport than ius soli», Matteo Salvini joked in the electoral campaign in Bolzano. "We are willing to talk about it on condition that the delicate issue of the double passport is resolved together by Rome, Vienna and Bolzano in the most harmonious way possible", instead said a few weeks ago the secretary of the Lega Trentino, Mirko Bisesti. This is what seems to be happening. The blue MP Michaela Biancofiore, declared an opponent of dual citizenship, fears that the whole "had been masochistically agreed with Rome, however, in the year of the anniversary of the victory of Italy in the First World War, following which in the peace agreements the Alto Adige became Italian ». According to the Italian MP, those of Prime Minister Kurz are "propaganda actions against the German-speaking and Ladin-speaking citizens of South Tyrol to attract them to the mother Patria Austrià".


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