SouthWest flight lands urgently after reactor explosion


The plane from New York to Dallas was forced into a forced landing at the Philadelphia airport.
The 1380 New York-Dallas flight from Southwest Airlines never arrived at destination. Instead, the Boeing 737-700 landed an emergency landing in Philadelphia at 11:30 am on Tuesday. But curiously, his passengers do not seem to complain. “What a flight! We did it!! Always there !! “exclaims one of them on Twitter. The passenger, Joe Marcus, comes back from a distance. On his message, the photo of a reactor seriously damaged by a blast testifies to the vicissitudes experienced by the 143 passengers and 5 crew members aboard. Shortly after leaving La Guardia airport near New York, one of the engines exploded, breaking one of the aircraft’s portholes above the left wing. Part of the fuselage was also damaged by debris projections. According to the father of one of the passengers, Todd Bauer, quoted by NBC10, one of the passengers was partially sucked out of the aircraft, due to the sudden depressurization caused by the call of air. It should have survived only the reflex of the other passengers, who rushed to help her and managed to keep her on board. She was reportedly taken to the Philadelphia Hospital soon after landing. The aircraft was 9,900 meters above sea level when the incident occurred. According to local media, the device then began a vertiginous drop for fifteen minutes losing 1,000 feet per minute until the pilots were able to stabilize it. Passengers broadcast videos on social networks showing passengers breathing through oxygen masks. The Federal Aviation Administration (FFA) has opened an investigation.


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