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Southwest Virginia at increased risk for severe weather news

BLUEFIELD – Inhabitants of Southern West Virginia and the surrounding area should be wary on Sunday as it can be very hot weather.

According to Robert Stonefield weather forecaster Mattes, the area is subject to an "increased risk of bad weather".

The weather is hit in two different waves. The first will arrive in the afternoon with the introduction of a prefrontal wave. The second wave, the larger of the two, will be held in the evenings until late at night.

"We have a strong cold front approaching the region," said Stonefield, "we have the ability to damage gusts of wind, big hail and tornadoes," Stonefield said, "There is no warning or watch for a tornado, but the possibility is There.

"This is probably the biggest serious outbreak we've had this year. Be very careful, "said Stonefield. To ensure safety, avoid prolonged outdoor use when not required.

Severe weather will leave the area after Sunday. Tuesday is expected to be clear and sunny.

Heavy thunderstorms are also possible during the night hours with the possibility of 29 mph per hour gusts of wind and a half inch of rain, according to the National Weather Service (NWS).

If a tornado clock is working near you, it's best to stay indoors looking for Stonefield.

The best place to be during a tornado is, according to NWS, a safe room in your home like a cellar. NWS recommends discussing a tornado plan with your family to prevent misunderstandings and panic during tornadoes.

NWS recommends keeping away from windows during strong thunderstorms to ensure safety. Being under a tree during a heavy thunderstorm is also potentially dangerous, as it increases the likelihood that you will be hit by light or crushed by a falling tree.

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