Soy Kroon plays in a solo performance based on the book Merlijn Kamerling | NOW

Actor Soy Kroon will perform the solo performance next year now that i see you play, based on the book by Merlijn Kamerling about his father Antonie. Production house Solo Stories will announce this on Monday.

It will be Kroon’s first solo performance. The actor was previously seen in Good times Bad Timesde musical Oh mama!the TV spectacle The Passion and the movie Costa!!† “We met a while ago and Merlijn’s book moved me,” says Kroon.

“It’s a coming-of-age story about the search for your father, but actually the search for yourself,” he continues. “I hope to put that down with a lot of love. I know from dear people around me what it’s like when a parent ends his or her life.”

Actor and musician Antonie Kamerling took his own life in 2010. In the book now that i see youwhich appeared in September 2020, Merlin went in search of a more complete picture of his father ten years after Antonie’s death.

The theater adaptation is being developed by the team that was previously responsible for, among other things: Ma, after the book by Hugo Borst and played by Eric Corton. The direction is in the hands of Benno Hoogveld and the script is written by Marc Veerkamp.

The performance can be seen in Dutch theaters from January to June 2023.

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