Space technologies .. the wonders of the Italian pavilion at the “Expo”

Amna Al Ketbi (Dubai)

A journey to beauty and innovation leads the visitor to the Italian Pavilion at Expo 2020, where he presents his guests with an idea about the strategic role of the Apulia region, which is located in southeastern Italy and its role in promoting independent access to space for Italy and all of Europe, as well as exploring the new frontiers of teleportation, focusing on the potential of European Space Agency.
The pavilion outlines 3 main challenges: living and working in space, ‘Space for Our Planet’, and innovation and technology in the new space economy, while at the same time highlighting Puglia’s potential to be a leader in the aviation sector.
The pavilion also demonstrates the role of new technologies and new entrepreneurship in rapidly shaping the new space economy, as SMEs are exploiting frontier technologies and the data revolution to play a major role, thus small regions, such as Puglia, are becoming essential to the competitiveness of the global aviation industry, with a highly developed ecosystem. For research and innovation.

The pavilion showcases highly advanced smart uniforms, developed specifically for astronauts and astronauts operating in a zero-gravity environment, ensuring both musculoskeletal support and proper circulation of body fluids, as well as biomolecular nanotechnologies. ) is part of the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT), a public research network.
The pavilion displays the company’s latest products specialized in the field of space, defense and security, which included a drilling machine on Mars, the most accurate atomic clock for astronautics, and an automated drilling machine, used in the “Exomars 2022” mission of the European Space Agency and the Russian Space Agency, which was produced with the support of From the Italian Space Agency, which is about to break the world record by drilling two meters deep into Martian soil, compared to just seven centimeters previously reached.
The new drilling machine features an energy consumption rate of five times less than the drill used in homes (80 watts), and 60 revolutions per minute. The accuracy of the atomic clock provides outstanding stability, making the European Gadellio satellite navigation system the most accurate satellite ever.



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