NAfter nine years in space, the Kepler Space Telescope has completed its mission. The unmanned space observatory, which discovered more than 2600 planets outside of our solar system, has run out of fuel as expected, according to US space agency Nasa on Tuesday. The telescope will now retire on its current orbit.

The Nasa had brought after the German astronomer Johannes Kepler named space telescope 2009 into space. His mission was to search for planets outside our solar system called exoplanets.

Thanks to Kepler, it has been shown that 20 to 50 percent of all stars visible in the night sky are likely to be orbited by theoretically habitable, earth-like planets, Nasa explained. Former Kepler research director Bill Borucki called the mission a "huge success."

The evaluation of the data supplied by Kepler will take years to complete. A successor to Kepler, the research satellite Tess, was shot into space in April.


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