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With one or two electric motors, front or all-wheel drive, with a range of up to 500 kilometers, the Toyota bZ4X, the brand’s first electric sub-brand, will soon hit the market in Europe. His sight does not surprise anyone who remembers a preliminary study of the same name presented half a year ago.

The most exciting part of that car was the ox horn (or rather bow tie) steering wheel. This will never go into series production, we thought then, but from 2022 the car will also be available with a purely electric (by-wire) steering gear. It will only turn 150 degrees (not quite half a turn) from collision to collision, so you have to get used to driving it: as if we were driving an F1 race car. True, its power is not 204 horsepower: the bZ4X delivers that much, or slightly more, 217 horsepower in the all-wheel drive version. This is enough for a top speed of 160 km / h, with the front-wheel drive variant accelerating to 100 km / h in 8.4 seconds and the all-wheel drive in 7.7 seconds.

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The bZ4X is based on a brand new, purely electric floorboard in which the battery pack is present as a load-bearing element. The 71.4 kWh unit, as previously announced, will not only be cheaper than before (Toyota has communicated 30% lower manufacturing costs), but it will also promise a much better lifespan. After 10 years or 240,000 kilometers, it will be able to be charged to 90% of its original capacity. This means that a range of up to 500 kilometers in the 2WD version (not a homologous value, although measured at the factory according to the WLTP standard) will remain 450 in a decade – 70% of the current general market promise of 8 years, or 350 kilometers.


The Toyota bZ4X is 9 inches longer than the RAV4, but its wheelbase is almost double that: 16 centimeters on a traditional recreational vehicle. The car’s roof plate extends 8.5 inches and the bonnet leading edge 5 inches lower than the corresponding body element of the RAV4: the rookie named weird will look sportier in appearance and offer better pedestrian protection performance.

bZ4X (FWD) bZ4X (4WD)
Own weight (kg) 1920- 2005-
total weight
(kg) 2195- 2275-
Turning circle
(m) 5,7
(km) kb. 500 kb. 460
Length (mm) 4690
Width (mm) 1860
Height (mm) 1650
Wheelbase (mm) 2850
internal length
(mm) 1940
internal width
(mm) 1515
internal height
(mm) 1160 / 1145
Number of seats 5
Electric motor
synchronous motor
Max motor
power (front)
(kW / LE) 150 / 204 80 / 109
Max motor
power (rear)
(kW / LE) 80 / 109
(kW / LE) 150 / 204 160 / 218
(Nm) 265 336
Lithium ion
(V) 355
(kWh) 71,4
AC charging,
max. performance
(kW) 6,6
DC charging,
max. performance
(kW) 150
Steering gear acting on a rack
power steering
(front back)
Spring members /
Double wishbones
(front back)
Internally cooled disc /
internally cooled disc
Folding formula Front Wheel-
all-wheel drive
(0-100 km / h)
(mp) 8,4 7,7
Top speed (km h) 160 160

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Thanks to its impressive exterior dimensions, a one-meter tandem distance, a category-leading footwell, and an internal height of more than 1.1 meters await passengers, even with a panoramic sunroof. The trunk is 452 liters. If we don’t stick to the glass roof, we can also ask for solar panels: we can “refuel” enough green energy for up to 1,800 kilometers in a year. By the way, refueling: the battery can be connected to up to 150 kW DC charger, of which the discharged battery can be charged to 80% in 30 minutes.

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