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SpaceX extends the boundaries of Microsoft Azure into space

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Elon Musk’s SpaceX will expand the frontiers of Microsoft Azure into space. Microsoft’s cloud service platform will connect to the space company’s starlink satellite network thanks to the new agreement.

SpaceX Secures Million Dollar Contract With NASA To Demonstrate Starship Refueling In Space

A new commercial partnership will extend the Azure Cloud computing platform to space, thanks to Microsoft it will be able to connect with the satellites of SpaceX giving you an edge over the cloud platform AWS de Amazon, which has become its main rival. Positive tests that have been carried out in recent months with Microsoft Azure.

Satellites in low orbit They will allow Microsoft to cover the increase in demand they have had this year as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic bringing work home, which has happened in most cloud computing companies. But, in addition, the services will include greater visibility of supply chains, disaster prediction and monitoring, as well as economic activity, among others.

Once again the vision of Elon Musk yields its fruits and is gaining followers, in this way Gwynne Shotwell President of SpaceX assured Azure Global “Where it makes sense, we will work with you, selling to our mutual customers, selling to startups and future customers, and basically bringing the power of Starlink connectivity to Azure infrastructure.

Microsoft is not the only one to benefit from Starlink satellites

So far the contract with Microsoft is not the only one, SpaceX won the first at the government level, which will allow it to carry out the construction of missile-tracking satellites for the Pentagon, for an amount of $ 149 million, points out Reuters.

The information released earlier in the week shows how the paths are widening for SpaceX, which at first was known only for its rocket technology but now shows a wide panorama of alternatives to all those who are willing and interested in investing. in a better future. Which has led him to increase the production of satellites for Starlink of SpaceX and that could become the gateway to reach the space dream of its founder.

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