Spain: Íñigo Errejón dismantles the myth of entrepreneurship and reveals how much state presence there is in an iPhone

“Many times this is put as the best example of entrepreneurship: Steve Jobs started it in a garage and was able to run a private business under very difficult conditions, by his individual merit “, Íñigo Errejón began with his iPhone in hand.

Iñigo Errejon The iPhone and the State

The Spanish deputy cited a study carried out in the United Kingdom on the developments and apps used by the iPhone and highlighted that, for example, the multi-touch screen was created in the University of Delaware, with public money from the National Science Foundation of the United States, while GPS and internet technology were made possible by Pentagon research.

Íñigo Errejón, who mentioned how people on the left are criticized for having one of those devices, summed up: “When I look at an iPhone, in reality what I see is the perfect demonstration that the only possibility of having an industrial development is with a central role of an entrepreneurial State, which they then take advantage of and with which many private companies later collaborate. “

The intervention, which Errejón himself shared on his Twitter profile under the title “The iPhone and the State”, caused a stir in the social network, in addition, because the deputy clarified that Congress grants each legislator one of those devices, which generated criticism for spending in the midst of a strong economic crisis caused in Spain by the coronavirus.


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