Spain reaches 500 outbreaks and restricts nightlife – Radioinforme 3

Spain counts more than 500 outbreaks of coronavirus, with Catalonia, Andalusia and Aragon at the top of the list of daily infections, according to reports this Sunday.

In this context, the restrictive measures adopted by the regions increased and try to control nightlife and social and family gatherings, which are the main sources of contagion.

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Since the beginning of the pandemic, Spain adds 314.362 confirmed cases – it surpassed the United Kingdom, the most affected country in Europe – and 28.503 deceased, according to the latest data offered by the Spanish Ministry of Health, the agency reported EFE.

Catalonia is the region with the most daily infections, with 1.091 positive cases, according to data provided by regional authorities, followed by Andalusia and of Aragon, where the cases tripled compared to March, although hospital admissions are cut in half.

In Madrid, despite the increase in positives in recent weeks, the regional government does not foresee at the moment that a situation of risk of collapse of the health system may occur as at the beginning of the pandemic, due to the rate of appearance of cases and the clinical severity of those affected.

“You have to keep your guard very high because this is not over,” he told EFE the Madrid Minister of Finance and Public Function, Javier Fernández-Lasquetty.

In the last two or three weeks the number of positives has grown, which means that the case detection and tracking system is working, according to the Madrid regional government counselor.

Now those infected are younger people who have more social life and who have the responsibility to protect themselves and othersincluding loved ones, grandparents, or parents, who can be infected with the virus.

Strictly speaking, many of the more than 500 sprouts from Covid-19, which spread throughout Spain, come from discos, clubs, bars and closed places in which the clientele does not respect the safety distance and does not usually wear a mask.

Young people have become the main vector of contagion and very aggressive campaigns have been made to act responsibly.

Report by Adrián Cragnolini.


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