Spain seeks to attract 120 Moroccan seasonal workers to harvest Paragosh

Nadorsity: Follow-up

Agricultural cooperatives in Spain are seeking to start a pilot program that aims to bring in 120 Moroccan seasonal workers to work as part of the asparagus harvest campaign, with the aim of alleviating the local labor shortage, according to Spanish media platforms.

A professional federation in the sector in Spain has launched recruitment and recruitment campaigns for Moroccan workers, as it will take over administrative procedures, visa issuance, travel and accommodation expenses in Spain, as a local cooperative in Granada has prepared a house equipped to receive dozens of Moroccan workers that it will employ, and another cooperative has booked a hotel for 3 months. For the benefit of Moroccan workers.

The circular migration program between Morocco and Spain was launched in 2006, targeting women between the ages of 25 and 45, provided that they have agricultural experience, come from a rural area, and are married, divorced, or widowed.

Since 2020, the Corona virus pandemic and then the diplomatic crisis between Rabat and Madrid affected the organization of the agent to bring Moroccan workers to work in the strawberry fields, which led to a reduction in the number of work contracts from 14,750 contracts to 7083 in the same year, then the number increased to 12,000 workers in the year. the past.

Morocco and Spain signed a cooperation agreement to regulate the movement of labor between the two countries in 2001, according to which the process of moving Moroccan workers to Spain is facilitated, provided that they return to their countries as soon as the strawberry harvest ends.