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The Superior Court of Justice of Castilla y León, in Spain, made the decision to declare an ‘occupational accident’ the case of a female employee of a company who could not return to practice due to the depression suffered after receiving a letter from Human Resources that urged improve their behavior with his partners.

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According to what was published in the economic newspaper ‘Cinco Días’, the worker, who was a production assistant in a meat company, was called to Human Resources to receive a formal wake-up call for the treatment he had with his companions. Three days later he stopped attending the company and began monitoring his health status.

It was learned that had depression.

The depression appeared after receiving a wake-up call from Human Resources.

As of the Superior Court ruling, this fact was considered as a ‘work accident’.

Within the investigation, according to a review by ‘Cinco Días’, the conclusions of the Occupational Health and Safety Unit of that company were considered since the employee was examined and it was learned that the only “critical incident” that occurred for her to fall into depression was the receipt of the letter From Human Resources.

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The only triggering element, the judges conclude, was the business communication through which they required the worker to modify her behavior under pain of disciplinary punishment”, Points out the aforementioned media.

It is worth mentioning, in addition, that the decision was made based on the essential function of the worker’s mental health, since in several allegations it was indicated that the Human Resources letter is a generalized mechanism that anyone can receive under certain circumstances. “The decisive thing, they insist, is that this fact motivated the depression of the worker, regardless of the fact that the same work situation ‘may cause disability for some people and not others, depending on their personality,'” said ‘Cinco Días’.

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