Spain’s “other” emergency for economic recovery: accelerating digitization

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Updated:05/21/2020 12: 39h


The most important lesson the pandemic of the new coronavirus Covid-19 is that health comes first. But there have also been other subjects that have had to be learned in forced marches such as the consolidation of telework and the leap to electronic commerce. In the midst of the de-escalation phase and with fear of a new economic recession, Spain has had to accelerate its digitization plans for its companies. The key is not to be a mirage Because, innovation will be the path to economic recovery.

This is one of the conclusions of the annual report «Digital Society 2019» prepared by the Fundación Telefónica, which establishes that, given the poor growth forecasts for this year, “being connected is more relevant than ever” so that companies are able to advance to a complete digitization. The present Covid-19 crisis has forced us to rethink the way of living, studying, working and enjoying overnight. But the blow, according to experts, has been softened by the high digitization of the country that has allowed “adaptation to be quick” and could continue many essential activities.



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