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Spalletti: "Radja out. Brozovic top, has the compass in the field. Mou? If you tick a lion … "

After the draw in the Champions League with Barcelona, ​​Inter will return to the field again tomorrow at 12.30 against Atalanta. On the eve of the match, the Nerazzurri coach Spalletti he spoke at the press conference and FCINTER1908 reported his statements live:


"The morale of the team is good, when you make excellent results increases the tank of conviction. We must not be confused, that of presumption is also stimulated and we must be good at managing the two tanks. Victories do not give you advantages in the next game. Start again by not giving up a cm. We must have the objectivity in watching the strength of Atalanta in the last championships and in this tournament. Gasperini is good for football, it makes it more modern. It is essential that everyone should be ready, this is the quality of the true champion. Gagliardini, Joao Mario, but also Dalbert … They are complimented because at some point you are in dispute and it takes a steady sound mind because you have to always re-establish yourself. I expect a tough game as they have always been on that field, I remember them all with the other teams. They have the characteristic of coming on your face. "


MIDFIELD"Those who are more tired are the ones who played the most: Brozovic as a set-up and as an extra that puts him inside the games as a race (the numbers say that is what has gone the most way), but that's what binds the game more , from the half field to the North Bend. It allows the whole team to participate in the maneuver. His recovery must be evaluated today. Borja Valero made a piece of the match with an important quality, but it was reduced in minutes according to my choices. Nainggolan tried to do what he got used to, he made himself available, but he came back a little behind because of his condition, which will be difficult for the match ".

ATALANTA – "Tomorrow maximum coefficient of difficulty if we do not go well to consider that tomorrow is the last game of the stop and it was not that of Tuesday. The next match must be an extension of the Champions League. The Atalanta has high ranking numbers, pays the fact that at the beginning of the season has failed to capitalize on the amount of game produced. It 'a team that in that field and in that stadium is exalted and you mount on him and you are head to head and you go to stimulate the physical and mental strength they have. And in all this there is Gasperini, who is good for the football world. Influence to make it more beautiful and more modern ".

Mourinho"It seems to me that he himself said that in cold weather he would not do it again and we all agree. There are emotional pressures, especially in certain games and the risk of falling into some small reaction is there, I know it well by doing that job there. As long as you stay on facts of this level, it's part of the show. If you go to tease a lion, the lion roars ".

LAUTARO"He's fine, he lives the period like Keita, like Candreva, Ranocchia, Joao Mario, Miranda, Politano, like me in some matches".

MODULE – "Both the midfield modules can be used. High or low summit is easily tradable during the game phases and often in a midfield at 3 it comes to change itself in the flow of the game. Today we play 4-2-3-1 but in the development of the game I find the 4-3-3. The difference is made by the play of the opposing team, if it is good it should be given a little 'more eye, but it is always an opponent of all and not just one. The streak of success was what we had to do after the start, ours must be a league of this level. If you take it easy at a time, then you have to gallop harder. These stripes of good results increase the conviction, we must be careful not to stimulate the presumption too much. You must not give up the confrontation with the opponent ".

BROZOVIC"Perrotta, Totti, Brozovic … change role? Did they tell you in Turin that Pjanic can not be named? Pjanic is one of those that makes the idea good. It's not me who did it, it's they who show that they have those characteristics, they're top footballers. It is clear that we also combine that belief to have qualities important to the strength that then goes to determine the matches. Brozo is on this path here: he has his foot with the directional compass. He goes to know where the speech and the ball should be brought, in the flow of the game he continually gets news and goes to use it correctly. He became an important player for us. I think it takes so many to get to the top of the championship, he is one of them ".

A LEAGUE"Juve is the strongest and probably the championship will win it. But there are teams and difficulties during Serie A that can undermine these certainties and qualities. The other teams will have to be impeccable and try to do the impossible. Sometimes the impossible occurred and the ones behind it will try, never giving up to the bottom and trying to earn something. I never give it to you even after the referee's whistle ".

MATURITY'- "More difficult to prepare for the challenge with Atalanta or Barcelona? It depends on the maturity of the players. A strip was also made last year or in previous championships. The contracts make you be Inter, but the results and the victories make you enter the history of Inter. The reaction of Inter fans to the gesture of Mourinho is dictated by this. After the results obtained, infinite love is a consequence and must also be a stimulus for us. It takes continuous results and continue to improve and give more satisfaction to the Inter people ".

STADIUM"Glad we found the agreement with Milan. Two important companies that together can give even more quality results. San Siro is already fond of me as he is now, all those who have come to know me, have said all words full of enthusiasm for the stadium charge and for all those levels that surround the stadium. If two giants like Inter and Milan get together to get the better done, they have to make the fans feel like they're in their living room. They will put quality and technological innovation that will make everyone stay inside the field ".

PERISIC – "It is located inside all those numbers that have made the ranking of Inter. We see goals and assists as a fundamental thing, but there would be no other numbers and other behaviors where someone like Skriniar or Handanovic becomes fundamental. We are very happy, with his galloping races he can bring a contribution and I would put him in the quality of the team ".

Dalbert"With individual names you risk losing sight of the work of a Vecino and a Gagliardini … Icardi and Lautaro have said that they must play together … We have all learned that we need a group of players who are strong. If Lautaro and Icardi played together constantly, maybe it would take two Lautaro and two Icardi and his colleague next time tells me why they do not play all 4? We are in a situation designed and correct to get to the end. There are moments where one is more in condition and moments in which one must catch a breath. Those most penalized are those I excluded from the Champions League: Gagliardini, Joao Mario and Dalbert. They must be given credit for being professionals. When you are alone to stay in the gym to train while others play the Champions, there comes out the quality of the person not to give a cm to the situation you live and to lower the level of self-esteem and self-belief in keeping you always ready with your head. They are a special thing ".

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