Airports across Spain are preparing for a possible closure as hotels and restaurants across the country close.

Incoming flights to Spain have been canceled in the past 48 hours as the number of cases increases rapidly.

Tourists brave enough to travel to Spain were turned away from British airports, and many were diverted during the flight.

Those who boarded yesterday morning are locked in Spain’s hotels and fear they won’t be able to return to the UK.

Jet2 and Easy Jet have confirmed that all scheduled flights will depart in the next few days, but passengers fear that the situation could change very quickly.

A passenger photo shows an empty plane on Scotland’s last flight to Spain

There were a large number of cancellations in hotels with a significant reduction in bookings. Summer is approaching and the epidemic is expected to continue for several months. The hotel environment throughout Spain does not look too promising at the moment.

Coastal areas are currently ghost towns, with closed restaurants and bars and prohibited access to public beach areas.

The beaches of Benidorm are closed. Photo credit: British tourist stranded in Spain, photo sent exclusively to EWN reporter.

The Spaniards have described the cities as “deserted” because Spain is tightening its borders, promoting isolation and restricting all travel.

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