Spanish businessman credits China with developing his career for a decade

Xinhua  2022:09:21.08:28

SHENZHEN, Sept. 20 (Xinhua) — An accidental visit made Spanish businessman Javier Lopez decide to develop his career in China.

After ten years of hard work, Javier found a new foothold for his professional development in Shenzhen, the “Silicon Valley of China”, where he established a digital marketing company, thereby building a bridge of communication, thus allowing more international clients will be linked to the technological development of the Asian country.

When he ran a company in Spain that made dive lights, López realized that many electronic components came from Shenzhen, China. In order both to reduce costs, by increasing his participation in the production chain, and to satisfy his curiosity to know what the so-called “Silicon Valley of China” was like, in 2012, López traveled to the southern Chinese city .

“I used to need a lot of products, such as electronic components or batteries, and I was always looking for a better alternative in price or technology. Back then, I found that all the suppliers of the products I was interested in were located in Shenzhen when I researched through online shopping platforms. electronic commerce such as Alibaba or EC21”, recalled the Spanish businessman.

He admitted that he didn’t even know where Shenzhen was at the time, but decided to go anyway. “So I made a list of companies I wanted to contact and flew to Bao’an International Airport,” she recounted.

Lopez recalled that when he first landed in Shenzhen, the area between Bao’an International Airport and the city center was not yet so prosperous. “There were still farmlands at the time, but when I entered the center of the city, the skyscrapers came into view. Imagine walking out of a place surrounded by farmland, walking less than a kilometer and being surrounded by skyscrapers. It was the first time I felt a deep impact,” he said.

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López’s first trip to China was uneventful and he was amazed at the development of the country’s high-tech industry. “It took only a few decades for China to transform from a ‘world factory’, known for its manufacturing, to a ‘world engine’, famous for advanced intelligent manufacturing. China has brought together many high value-added technology companies, and I feel that for me the opportunity is here,” he said.

López began to travel frequently between Spain and China. The first year she stayed in China for four months. Later, he sold his company in Spain and moved to China, focusing on developing the Chinese market. Spanish has opened up new fields of entrepreneurship, allowing more European entrepreneurs to form links with China’s technological development.

Now, Lopez is the CEO of Ranau (Shenzhen) Business Services Co., Ltd., which provides services such as product research and auditing to foreign clients. Two years ago, he also founded the 8wasai brand, which provides digital marketing services to Chinese companies and helps customers around the world find technology products such as IoT agricultural moisture sensors and human exoskeleton robots in the Chinese market. .

“The digital marketing industry must be developed to enable Chinese companies to reach their full potential. One of the pillar industries of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area is e-commerce, which has everything this industry needs: scientific and technological innovation engine, world-class logistics, manufacturing for every need… What else is needed here? Better marketing, of course,” he added.

In the opinion of the Spanish businessman, the technological innovation capacity of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area continues to increase and, as the intensity of investment in R&D continues to increase, it is expected to become a milestone of global technological innovation. This further strengthened his confidence in his career development in the region.

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“There is a superior business environment here and it is a paradise for entrepreneurship. My career has taken off thanks to the development of China’s technology,” he said.

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