“Spanish Media Reports Cristiano Ronaldo Unhappy in Arab League and Looking to Break Contract with Al-Nassr”


Spanish media assure that Cristiano Ronaldo does not feel comfortable in the Arab league and would be looking for a way to break the contract, however, he faces several obstacles.

Is Cristiano Ronaldo leaving Al-Nassr?
Is Cristiano Ronaldo leaving Al-Nassr?

The romance between Al Nassr of Saudi Arabia and the mega star of world soccer, Cristiano Ronaldo, could have his days numbered; the player would be about to terminate the contract he manages with the Saudis.

As reported by the newspaper mediotiempo.comthe Portuguese estrus He is not at all satisfied with the level he found in his club or in the Arab league, nor is he happy with the infrastructure that there is in the country of the middle east.

For these reasons, “the bug” would be looking to break the link with the Saudi club, despite the fact that he has barely been wearing the colors of his new team for just over 5 months.

A million dollar contract, a million dollar compensation

The current contract of the Portuguese is valid for 2 and a half seasons since a possible break in the bond supposes a millionaire compensation by the player in favor of the cluba situation that could curb your desire.

As detailed in the publication of the Spanish media, these are some points that a possible compensation should attack: “the remuneration and other benefits owed to the player under the current contract or the new contract, the remaining contractual time, up to a maximum of five years, the dues and expenses paid by the previous club (amortized over the period of term of the contract), as well as the question of whether the termination of the contract occurs in a protected period.

Furthermore, it is possible that the top scorer in the Champions League is additionally penalized if he breaks the contract unilaterally, exposing himself to a punishment of up to 4 months without being able to compete professionally.

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