Spanish President Sánchez urges left to prevent a Trump or Bolsonaro style government after July elections

The President of the Spanish Government, The socialist Pedro Sánchez, called this Wednesday for the mobilization of the left to prevent someone like the government of Spain after the July elections Donald Trump or Jair Bolsonaro.

Pedro Sánchez addressed the parliamentarians of the Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE)of which he is general secretary, two days after having advanced the general elections to next July 23, since the legislature concluded in December, after the poor result of the Socialists in the municipal and regional elections on Sunday.

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Sánchez, in a meeting at the headquarters of the Spanish Parliament in Madridencouraged his people to mobilize to stop a “reactionary current” in Spain that is spreading throughout the world.

“In Spain we can stop it”, if the leftist vote is mobilized, he asserted, after the results on Sunday open the door to local and regional governments of the conservative Popular Party (PP) agreeing with the extreme right of Vox.

The leader of the socialists, who govern in coalition with the left formation United We Can Since 2020, he has encouraged his deputies and senators to mobilize so that this duo between PP and Vox does not extend to the Government of Spain after the July elections, since in his opinion both are “extreme right”.

In this regard, he warned that these parties will copy “the methods of their North American teachers” during the electoral campaign, alluding to Trump.

At this point in his speech, Sánchez recalled his meeting on Tuesday in Madrid with the former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, visiting Madrid, who was an electoral rival of the former US president.

The Spanish head of government warned that during the electoral campaign the right wing will try to uncover alleged scandals, as Trump did against Clinton, and if the left wins, “it will speak of pucherazo”, of electoral fraud, as the conservative politician did when he later lost the elections in the United States.

“What Spain we aspire to be, we advance or regress”, with a country governed by someone like the ultra-conservative Brazilian Bolsonaro or like the now president of Brazil, the progressive Luiz Inacio Lula da Silvahe asked himself.

Sánchez listed a series of “social advances” of his government, “in an extraordinarily difficult context” due to the pandemic or the war in Ukraine, of which he warned that they are at risk if the right governs.

The president of the Spanish Executive thus responded to calls to “repeal sanchismo” in the next elections by the leader of the conservatives, Alberto Núñez Feijóo

2023-05-31 23:36:24
Pedro Sánchez calls to prevent someone like Trump or Bolsonaro from ruling Spain – El Sol de Acapulco

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