coalition SPD demands dismissal Maassens – crisis meeting in the Chancellery at 15.30 clock

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"Refugee agreements with Spain, Greece and Italy are completed"

Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer defends his budget. In it, Seehofer expresses inter alia social housing and migration. Follow his speech here again.

Because of the coalition dispute over constitutional protection chief Maassen, the party leaders of the CDU, CSU and SPD meet at 15.30 clock at short notice to a crisis meeting in the Chancellery. The WORLD learned from coalition circles.

DThe party leaders of the CDU, CSU and SPD are meeting this afternoon at 15.30 for a crisis meeting in the Chancellery. Background is the dispute between the Union and the SPD to the head of the Federal Constitutional Office Hans-Georg Maaßen after his controversial statements on the events in Chemnitz.

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) and Andrea Nahles (SPD) now want to discuss how to proceed. The WORLD learned from coalition circles. Previously, SPD leader Nahles had already canceled a press conference at short notice.

Maaßen thus becomes an ever greater stress test for the grand coalition. The SPD leadership demanded after the parliamentary hearings on Wednesday on Thursday, the replacement of the head of the authorities, while Seehofer again dismissed his dismissal.

"For the SPD party leadership is completely clear that Maaßen must go," said Secretary-General Lars Klingbeil on Thursday in Berlin. "Merkel has to act now."

Kühnert brings the end of the coalition into play

Maaßen has been criticized for days because of his interview statements on the events during right-wing rallies in Chemnitz. On Wednesday he had to therefore hearings in the Parliamentary Control Panel (PKGr) and in the Interior Committee of the Bundestag.

The SPD has been calling for the grand coalition to be terminated if Maassen remains in office. Juso CEO Kevin Kühnert told the "mirror": "Should the constitutional protection president remain in office, the SPD can not just continue to work in the government." The SPD will "not leave the coalition because of Mr. Maassen," said faction vice Eva Högl in the RBB this demand back.

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Seehofer stood behind Maassen and made it clear that he saw no reason to remove him from office. Seehofer said in the Bundestag, Maaßen had on Wednesday in the Bundestag committees his action "comprehensive and in my view, convincingly set out". The Minister of the Interior welcomed again that Maaßen had expressed regret over the irritations he had caused. It was "no shortage when the president of an agency strengthens" to express his regret over the effect of an interview.

Again, on Thursday, contacts between Maaßen and the AfD caused discussions. The AfD MP Stephan Brandner told the ARD magazine "Contraste", Maassen had him at a personal meeting on June 13 this year called "figures from the Verfassungsschutzbericht" 2017, which had not yet been published. It was about Islamist endangerment and the budget of the constitution protection gone.

A spokesman Maassens rejected the accusation that the head of the authorities had passed on information illegally, "decided" back. Maaßen led "at the express request" of the Federal Interior Ministry talks with members of all Bundestag parties. Whether Maaßen has passed on numbers, the constitutional protection did not want to say. In principle, no information is given about the content of the talks of the head of the authorities, it said.

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