SPD gives in and renounces provocation of the Union life protection

SPD gives in and renounces provocation of the Union
 life protection

Big applause for Volker Kauder. The deputies of CDU and Christian Social Union paid tribute to their group leader that a sensitive issue could be cleared up: The SPD refrains from voting on its proposal to abolish the advertising ban on abortions. The topic had overshadowed the last steps on the road to a grand coalition since last week. In Union circles the discontent was great about the coalition partner’s project, together with the Greens and the Left as well as parts the FDP to vote for a passage from paragraph 219a. Such so-called changing majorities are usually the end of any coalition, but it is agreed in advance that the partners do not mutually outdo each other. Union would have found alone with the AfD The SPD had launched its proposal to abolish the advertising ban before the coalition agreement was passed. Group leader Andrea Nahles had also informed Kauder about it. At first it seemed that the project could not find a majority. The FDP wants a modification of Paragraph 219a. In video: Hartz IV statement by Jens Spahn: Germans have a clear opinion in poverty debate
But over the past few days, it turned out that most Free Democrats MPs would vote with the SPD, Greens, and Leftists should their own motion have no chance of acceptance. This would have the opponents of the advertising ban found a majority. The Union and AfD would have been the only political groups to argue in favor of maintaining the current law. The issue of life protection is of particular importance to the Union, said Elisabeth Winkelmeier-Becker, spokeswoman for the Legal Working Group, in advance of the decision. In the faction prevail “great unanimity” not to submit this question to the zeitgeist. “The Union sees no need for action on this issue and stands by the current legal regulation,” said Marie-Luise Dött, a member of the Group Bureau. In an intensive exchange of views with Nahles Kauder and CSU country group leader Alexander Dobrindt could work towards that the SPD does not vote its request. The Federal Government is invited to submit a draft reform of Paragraph 219a. Fundamentally different view on abortions The dispute about it is due to the fundamentally different view of abortions. Here life protection and alleged freedom of women are diametrically opposed. After the reform of Paragraph 218, abortions in Germany are still illegal. However, they remain exempt from punishment for the first twelve weeks if the pregnant woman has been informed by an authorized counseling center about all available support options. Following this consultation, she also receives a list of doctors who perform abortions. That’s not enough for the SPD, the Greens, the Left and parts of the FDP.
The reason for the current initiative was a court ruling from last year. A Giessen doctor had been fined 6000 euros for her link to abortions on her homepage. In the video: Turkey foams, Israel cheers: What foreign countries think of the new GroKo

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