Speakerine (France 2), a feminist series? Marie Gillain answers


In the excellent series announcer, which begins this Monday, April 16 at 20:55 on France 2 , Marie Gillain incarnates Christine Beauval , an icon of the RTF (French television broadcasting), cramped in its status of wife and perfect wife, alongside Guillaume de Tonquédec and Gregory Fitoussi . Through the course of his character, draws a captivating radiography of the French society of the 60s: reports of the press with the power, tensions with the OAS, emancipation of the woman. A theme dear to Marie Gillain. Télé-Loisirs: The announcers disappeared in 1993. What memories do you remember?
Marie Gillain: I remember their benevolent, enveloping presence. They came back every day to our salons, in our intimacy. And when they left, I felt orphaned. All of a sudden, television became very impersonal. ⋙ Speakerine (France 2): Should we watch the series with Marie Gillain? What did you learn when preparing your role? The speakers were emblematic of the women of the time. They were asked to be impeccable, but not too sexy not to confuse the housewife. They had to keep their rank and their home. But they were also driven by the desire to emancipate themselves from tradition and male domination. announcer would it be a feminist series? In our trades, we have the ability to convey who we are, what affects us. And this series offers a point of view on the woman who speaks to me. But Christine Beauval is not a suffragette. She is a hollow feminist who has to confront the male power to become free. The series is aimed at everyone as it talks about the scenes of television but also about society, the family and the relationship between men and women. Christine Beauval is a star. Does his relation to notoriety and his career echo your own experience? Of course ! At 40, her role as a perfect woman weighs on her. She is pushed out by a much younger speaker. In a very beautiful scene, she confronts herself with her own image. And it hurts him. As an actress, life goes on at the same time as roles are printed. But in our business, the physical expectation is very strong. So, yes, there are connections between her and me. ⋙ Speakers: Denise Fabre, Evelyne Leclercq, Olivier Minne … their worst moments of loneliness In his atmosphere, his era, his costumes, announcer recalls Mad Men . Are you inspired? I saw this series just before starting the shoot and it became an obsession. She nourished my subconscious, especially on femininity, on how women lived and moved at that time. For the diction, I impregnated myself with the Parisian phrasing of the speakers, very articulated. They spoke slowly, all the words made sense. It was elegant.


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