Speaking for Taiwan can be called an “anti-China fighter” Kanter was released after he moved to the Rockets

NBA star Enes Kanter, who has publicly supported Taiwan many times, also insisted on supporting democracy and freedom, and repeatedly chastised the CCP’s totalitarianism, but Celtic sent Kanter to the Rockets today before the trade deadline, and then he He was fired by the Rockets, but legislator Lin Changzuo mentioned that many people suspected that the Rockets had political considerations. Kanter also posted that “the world is about to be shaken.”

NBA star Enes Kanter Freedom (2021.11.24) said, “Taiwan is not part of China, Taiwan is a free and democratic country.”

He has supported Taiwan many times and challenged the authority of the CCP. He is still in the NBA, wearing sneakers with the Taiwan flag printed on the court. The star EnesKante community has many PO articles in solidarity with Tibet, Hong Kong and Uyghur people, but the latest post is written in just one line. “The whole world was shocked…”

Speaking for Taiwan can be called an “anti-China fighter” Kanter was released after he moved to the Rockets

I’m afraid he was talking about the feeling that he was sent to the Houston Rockets by the Celtics, but was immediately released.

Legislator (none) Lin Changzuo said, “Many people will doubt that if the Rockets want to give up a good player like Kanter, is there a Chinese market, or even the pressure from the Chinese government, the NBA and even the entire sports circle. We should face this problem squarely, so that there are more players like Kanter, and more athletes can speak out their hearts.”

After all, Enes Kanter, who has repeatedly beaten the former center Yao Ming of the Houston Rockets, and before that, the general manager of the Rockets, Murray, who once supported Hong Kong, asked the Rockets and the NBA to apologize quickly in order to keep the market. This time, they The decisive abandonment of EnesKanter is also suspected, is it out of “political considerations”?

為台發聲堪稱「反中鬥士」 坎特轉戰火箭即遭釋出

Speaking for Taiwan can be called an “anti-China fighter” Kanter was released after he moved to the Rockets

NBA star Enes Kanter Freedom (01.20) said, “Please also visit Taiwan on this trip. Yao Ming, listen to you or the political party. It is impossible to bribe me. I don’t want to be a luxury traveler in China.”

Chen Zixuan, a professor at the National Sports University, said, “Businessmen in professional sports in the United States all hope to return to sports, although I personally don’t agree with such a state. The reporters always ask him about political issues. There will be some interference with the team to some extent, and if other alternative players can be found, maybe they will be released directly to reduce troubles for such players.”

Enes Kanter became a free agent. Which team will he pursue in the NBA? He has attracted much attention. He insists on supporting democracy and freedom. He not only praised Taiwan as the most beautiful country he has ever seen, but also said that our president, Tsai Ing-wen, is his hero. , seems to have become a friend of Taiwan. This time it was accidentally “released”. In the future, the NBA and the Rockets’ stance on China may also become the focus of attention from the outside world.

(FTV News/Reported by Yang Yuqing and Song Honglin in Taipei)

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