Special coverage – “The death of Princess” to Marwa Group begins with a demonstration of art and media What did Abtallah said frankly?


Marwa Haddad, the owner of Marwa Haddad, held the opening ceremony of the series “Death of a Princess” at its first show at the Le Royal Hotel in the presence of the heroes and the work team of the series, in addition to the people of the press and media.
The first episode of the series was shown on a large screen in the hall in the presence of its heroes Mazen Ma’adam, Shiraz, Carmen Labbas, Asaad Rashdan, Si Fernini, George Shalhoub, Saad Hamdan, Joel Fran, Elie Shalouhi and others. Writer Tony Chamoun, director Atef Kiwan and producer Marwan Haddad.
The series revolves around a big love story between Nabil and Dalia marrying and giving birth to a child. Three years later they decide to have another child, but all attempts fail. Nabil is subjected to fertility testing to shock his age as a child who does not have a child. He then hides his daughter at one of his trusted companions and returns to his wife in anger. He tells her what happened and accuses her of betrayal. She resents the accusation and does not speak. Nabil considers that confession to be shot and sits down in the middle of a ringing phone. The voice of the answering machine then leaves a voice message from the treating doctor apologizing for the fact that the result of the examination was not for him but for someone else. In the face of this devastating situation, Nabil can only shoot himself. It is just as well that Dalia survives to look for her daughter.
And then everyone cut the cake to celebrate the occasion followed by a cocktail party.
Site “frankly” attended the first episode of the series “Death Princess” and returned these interviews:
Product Marwan Haddad
Haddad pointed out that the text was written more than a year ago and also identified the names of the actors, but he was looking for who plays the role of “princess” and chose the star Shiraz.
On his bet on a new actress to play the role of starring in his series in Ramadan, he pointed out that the names of the actors in the success of the work, but the series as a whole, since in the past played the championship names bright but did not succeed much. He added that the series includes brilliant dramatic faces such as Mazen Mu’tam, Al-Si Franini, George Shalhoub and others.
On his new productions, he pointed out that he is working on a series entitled “The role of Jounieh Jbeil,” and will be displayed after Ramadan. And also works on a series entitled “South” will be displayed on the LBCI screen. The series “The White House” is completed in the second part.
On the series “Year Ten Love”, which is based on the writing of the media Patricia Hashim, which will begin filming during the summer, “Haddad” that he will devote sufficient time, especially because it requires a lot of work because of its deep and beautiful text.
Actor Mazen Mu’atam
He stressed that he liked his role a lot because he is not tacky, he plays the character of Ahsan, the young man who watches, plays and loves his mother so much during the series falls in love.
As for Shiraz’s first participation with him, he pointed out that she was good as she worked a lot on herself to be better.
Asked whether he would have preferred to be Joel Dagher, he confirmed that he had a personal relationship with Joel Dagher and added that he was playing a starring role in another series.
As for his lack of participation in joint Arab dramas, he pointed out that he offered him several roles but chose the one that suits him.
He revealed that he is currently reading the script of an Arab series after the month of Ramadan, but has not given his consent yet.
Artist Shiraz
Shiraz expressed her happiness to participate for the first time in a dramatic work. She said she was very interested in acting, as she still does not accept the idea of ​​finishing filming after a week.
She added that she will continue to sing as she works on new works.
“The important thing is to impress the public and reach their message,” she said.
Actor Carmen Lamb
The actress, Carmen Lambes, said her role in “Princess’s Death” was the opposite of her role in the series “Belhaza”. In the first, the mother is the good, the keen and the affection for her daughter, but in the “moment” was the mother very cruel.
She expressed her pleasure in returning to participate in the work of “Merwa Group” after a long break.
In response to a question about not participating again in the work with Eagle Films, especially after the success achieved during her participation in the “grain Caramel,” she pointed out that he did not offer her a role in “Julia”.
As for Shiraz’s participation in the work she represents for the first time, she said, “Be good, follow and judge.”
The actress C Fernini
In turn, actress C Fernini spoke about her role in the series, where she revealed that she would be the mother of Ahsan and a businesswoman after owning her husband’s company, and that she would be the mother very affectionate and close to him where he helps him in everything he needs.
She confirmed that she was happy to participate in this series, which is characterized by text and direction and team work. She described her relationship with Merwa Group as excellent.
Actor George Salhoub
Representative George Shalhoub also praised the series, noting that what drew him to participate in the work is the character he will play in addition to the written text. He confirmed that the series is beautiful, and called on the audience to watch it.
Actor Asaad Rashdan
The actor Asaad Rashdan, who participates in one episode in the series, confirmed that if his participation was limited to one episode, but his role was impressed, and does not reject the request for the producer Marwan Haddad.
He asked people to follow him with a number of works that will be shown during the month of Ramadan, namely “The Death of a Princess”, “I Walked”, “True Love”, “The Prestige – Return”.
As for the role that he preferred more, he said that he loved all the roles he gave, otherwise he would not have chosen it, but I would like a lot of his role in the series “Mashheet” by the writer Karen Radzalah and actor Badia Abu Chakra.


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