Special education and parental rights

Under Article V of the Interstate Compact, we will be happy to provide comparable services for any individualized educational program (IEP) or current Section 504 plan, if your student has one. We may conduct additional assessments to ensure that we are able to do so, given the resources and programs that exist APS.

Arlington Public Schools (APS) provides a continuum of services to K-12 students with disabilities who are eligible to receive special education services. Identifying a student as eligible for special education services is a carefully managed process guided by state and federal regulations, as well as APS Special Education Policies and Procedures (25 4.4). The assessments required to make this determination are made only with the permission of the parents/guardians.

Information about special education services can be found on the Office of Special Education or Parent Resource Center web pages or by emailing [email protected] or calling 703-228-7239.