Special Ikea opens next door

Automation is the newest Ikea store in Vienna, built in the spirit of digitization and sustainability, which will open on August 26, 2021. You will no longer need large shopping carts to shop, a smartphone will suffice. With the help of the Ikea application, the customer can scan the desired product for himself, which he can then immediately pay for and take with him, depending on the size, the Vienna City Commercial Office announced.

In the automated warehouse in the basement, more than 3,000 items are ready for immediate removal, larger products are shipped or picked up at an external pick-up point. Contrary to misconceptions, with these steps, Ikea does not want to reduce the number of employees: the store next to the Westbahnhof will employ 320 people, the statement said.

Sustainability considerations were at the forefront of the store’s design. There is only a bicycle parking lot next to the building, it is not possible to stop by car. In addition, great emphasis has been placed on greening: 160 trees planted in giant pots are used to shade the facades and roof, and solar panels are also installed on the latter. There is also a green roof terrace and a wide range of vegetarian dishes.

The announcement reveals that Ikea will tie the visit to an online bookable ticket in the first period for a secure purchase. Tickets are issued at 30-minute intervals to control the number of people at the entrance.

Austria’s smallest Ike to date is built on a total of 140 million euros. In the building that houses the furniture store, five of the seven floors will be occupied by the Swedish furniture retailer, and the top two will be moved to a hotel mainly for young people and business travelers.

Ikea is profitable in Austria despite the pandemic period. In the 2019/20 business year, sales increased 5.5 percent to 847.3 million euros, of which 124 million euros were online sales.

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