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Special investigator Mueller wants more speech

Robert Mueller

Special investigator Robert Muller postpones his eagerly awaited congressional appearance by a week.

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WashingtonThe special investigator in the Russia affair surrounding US President Donald Trump, Robert Mueller, has postponed his eagerly awaited appearance in front of US Congressmen for a week. Instead of on the 17th Mueller on July 24 in public sessions of the Judiciary and the Secretariat Committee of the House of Representatives testify, said the Democratic chairmen of both committees on Friday evening (local time). Mueller himself had requested the shift to get more speaking time on the new date, said the chairmen Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff.

Mueller had been investigating for almost two years whether Trump's campaign camp met with Russian government officials about Moscow's alleged involvement in the US 2016 election campaign and whether Trump was obstructing justice investigations.

At the end of March, Mueller had completed his work and handed over a confidential report to Justice Secretary William Barr. Barr first presented a four-page summary. It was not until mid-April that he published a partially blackened version of the complete report.

Mueller and his team had encountered numerous contacts between Trump's campaign camp and representatives of Russia during the investigation. However, they did not find evidence of a crime. On the question of whether Trump has obstructed the judiciary, Mueller made no decision, but provided evidence for and against.

The Democrats wanted to bring the 74-year-old ex-FBI boss for a long time to testify before the congress. Mueller consent was only after both committees had issued so-called subpoenas – with which they can bring the special investigator under penalty threat to a statement.

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