Special Jerseys of West Ham and Fiorentina: From Iron Maiden to Nintendo

West Ham and Fiorentina will face each other in the Conference League final this Wednesday, June 7. Apart from this confrontation, there are few things that unite the English club with the Italians, but there is a particularity of both teams, some ‘special’ jerseys that are treasures for collectors.

West Ham con Iron Maiden

The London team collaborated with the band also from London, both teamed up in 2019 to bring out a jersey that caused a sensation among sports lovers. The new “Die With Your Boots On” version of the Hammers’ kit featured “IMFC” in front of the club’s crest, while the blue band across the chest featured the band’s name.

This was not all, because in 2021 they came together again to release a reissue of the shirt, along with a new clothing line that included jackets, sweatshirts, and vests.

Fiorentina with Nintendo

Football and video games are not worlds that are unknown to each other, companies from the ‘gaming’ world have sponsored football teams on different occasions, one of the most mythical is the union between Fiorentina and Nintendo, which have gone hand in hand since 1997 to 1999. Giving rise to a jersey with the Nintendo logo on the chest of the ‘Viola’ uniform.

In addition, there is a mysterious sweater that would be even more coveted than the previous one, this would be one that, in addition to including the Nintendo logo, would have an image of Mario Bros on the abdomen, although it has not been possible to verify if this sweater is real or just a fan creation.

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