Special social commitment: “Stars of Sports” awarded

Wolfach (ds). Olympic champion in Nordic combined in 1989 and patron Hans-Peter Pohl awarded the “Stars of Sports”. For many years, the German Olympic Sports Association and the Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken have been honoring sports clubs that are particularly socially committed beyond their sporting offerings. The jury of the Volksbank Mittlerer Schwarzwald eG made its decision from 15 applications.

The top three

First place, the “Big Star of Sports in Bronze 2020” and thus a cash prize of 1,000 euros, go to the TTC Steinach 1991 e. V. for table tennis against Parkinson’s. With second place, the “Little Star of Sports in Bronze 2021” and a cash prize of 750 euros, TV Hausach 1902 e. V. with its project “PROMOTE LEARNING TO SWIM!” excellent. Third place, the “Small Star of Sports in Bronze 2021” and a cash prize of 500 euros, goes to the Haslach 1911 e. V. for the Haslacher Lebens-Lauf.

The other winners

The twelve other clubs were equally honored and each awarded a certificate and 250 euros. These are: Bike-Park Wolfach e. V. with mountain bike racing campaigns against the corona depression in the 2021 season, FC Wolfach 1920 e. V. with the swing and sandbox project in the Wolfach stadium, the heart sports group Haslach i. K. 1990 e. V. with heart sports for people with severe heart problems, the Skiverein Alpirsbach e. V with a multi-day ski camp for children and young people in Davos, the TuS Kinzigtal 1953 e. V. with “Together for Peace!” – Fundraising campaigns for the emergency aid Ukraine, the SV Oberwolfach 1948 e. V. with “We help help!”, the cycling club Gutach Solidarity 1912 e. V. with Junior Masters – a platform for competition, show and party, the Sportclub Hofstetten e. V. with inclusion projects with Club 82, FC Triberg 1910 e. V. for strengthening youth work, the SC Kaltbrunn 1967 e. V. with “We collect for the Ukraine”, the RSV “Eintracht” Fischerbach e. V. with “Biking for everyone” and the TuS Gutach 1901 e. V. with “We are lifesavers! All school children should be able to swim”.

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