Specialist makes appeal: “If you stay at home for 14 days, we are close to ending the pandemic”

“The only way to prevent this from happening, to stop this upward line, was if we all religiously committed ourselves to what we have at hand, which is social isolation or social detachment. Quarantine, not going to the street, not walking in crowds, we don’t go to very crowded places “, explains the doctor and professor specialized in infectious diseases when referring to his statements before the state of emergency was decreed.

Asked about the effectiveness of the measures imposed in the meantime, he considers that “before the state of emergency, there seemed to be some adherence to these measures, on a voluntary basis. I see that now, at least in some areas of the country, this voluntarism of people seems to be, punctually at least, not to be verified. Just see what happened in Póvoa do Varzim “.

Fernando Maltez warns of the extreme importance of social isolation and the fact that there are no vaccines available or effective therapies. “The only resource we have are these measures of a social nature and we have to comply with them as best as possible”. “If people realize that they can spend 14 days alone at home and not come out onto the street, we end the pandemic or we are very close to ending the pandemic.”

Second pandemic since the beginning of the century

“I didn’t even expect to go through a pandemic and I’m already going through the second,” confesses Fernando Maltez. “Pandemics like these only happen two or three per century and we are already experiencing the second in the 21st century.”

“People are going to die, many are going to get sick. From an economic and social point of view this determines big changes. There are people who will be without jobs, people who will be more economically weakened. This has great repercussions”, he warns current times that it considers “historical”.


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