Specifications of Turkey’s Khan Missile Purchased by Indonesia


The Khan missile is an export version of the Bora weapon. Photo/Roketsan

JAKARTA – Indonesia signed a cooperation contract with Turkey in terms of innovation and buying and selling of military equipment.

Launching the Daily Sabah page on November 3, 2022, Turkey’s main defense producer, Turki Roketsan, announced its export agreement in the form of a land artillery system called Khan to Indonesia.

The contract signing was carried out in conjunction with the 2022 Indo Defense Expo & Forum in Jakarta. So, what are the specifications of the Khan missile from Turkey?

Launching the Defense News page, Khan is a missile that can be launched from a multi-barrel rocket launcher from atop a vehicle with 8 wheels.

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Khan’s launcher media can also be customized according to the user’s wishes, and can be from any other type of tactical vehicle.

The Khan missile comes with a range of 174 miles or about 280 kilometers and weighs 2,500 kilograms.

Furthermore, this missile also has a high explosive power, which is 470 kilograms. The Khan is capable of being aerodynamically controlled using GPS technology, an electromechanical actuation system and an inertial guidance system.

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Furthermore, the Khan ballistic missile system is commonly referred to within Turkey as the Kaan. This Alutsista was only exhibited to the public in 2017.