Spectators ejected after an incident with Scarlett in house-show

A family has been kicked out of a WWE house show this Saturday after an incident with Scarlett.

WWE/@DaCurbStompKing (via Twitter)

An incident between a spectator and Scarlett took place this Saturday during a WWE house show.

WWE was hosting a house show at the Civic Center in Peoria, Illinois this Saturday night, in which Karrion Kross took on Drew McIntyre. During this match, a woman threw her beer at Kross’ manager, Scarlett.

WWE and Civic Center Arena security guards moved in to evict the woman who threw her drink, and then the rest of her family minutes later.

The woman responsible for the incident is said to have explained her gesture by saying that she was “ashamed to be associated with this woman” when talking about Scarlett.

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“As a classy woman from Chicago, I’m not surprised that something like this happens in Peoria” Scarlett tweeted this Sunday. “PS: To the old lady who threw the drink, your beer was as cheap as your hairstyle. »

A few videos of the incident have been circulating on Twitter since Sunday.