Spinning non-stop! UK minister urges Taiwan to supply weapons like Ukraine cope with Chinese invasion

Liz Truss, British Foreign Minister Made a noise at the beginning of the week. after calling on her country to deliver military aid to Taiwan same as ukraine Amid concerns that China might launch an invasion on the island

The astonishing comments of the foreign minister It came as she testified with a committee of the UK’s House of Commons (Lower House) on Tuesday (June 28) and came amid Taiwan’s concerns. in the possibility of being invaded by China After Beijing has more and more hostility towards Taipei.

The UK currently has no defense and diplomatic ties with Taiwan. And the UK’s official stance is to find a peaceful solution between the two. However, if it decides to go ahead with the Truss’ plan, it could inflict resentment from Beijing and reduce the UK’s military supplies. more

while giving testimony to the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the House of Commons Truss said “It’s always a trend. And we’ve seen this kind of thing before the Ukrainian war. We shouldn’t expect bad things to happen. and wait until it’s too late.”

“We should do things early. We should supply defense weapons to Ukraine sooner. We need to learn that lesson for Taiwan. Every piece of ordnance that we send Several months of training was required. So we better do it as soon as possible,” Truss said.

However, the Daily Mail British press Given that China has more warships than the US and more than 2,000 fighters, it is unclear how the UK will balance this military might. Although more and more British Royal Navy ships have appeared in the South China Sea in recent years in the freedom of navigation operation intended to deter Beijing

Speaking at the Royal United Service’s (RUSI) Defense Conference on Tuesday (June 28), General Sir Patrick Saunders, Chief of Staff of the United Kingdom. Says the UK cannot ignore China’s exponential rise and a long-standing challenge from Beijing But he did not mention whether he supported the supply of weapons to Taiwan or not.

Sir Patrick focuses on Russia. and the immediate threats from President Vladimir Putin to European soil. especially in the Baltic countries.

He warned that Russia could be more dangerous than it was in the past after the Ukrainian conflict. And he wants tens of thousands of troops to be at their peak. ready to be sent into Eastern Europe defense

(Source: Daily Mail)