Spoiler alert | The Hotel of the Famous: they filter the name of the participant eliminated from Monday, May 16

It was revealed who is the participant who leaves El Hotel de los Famosos on Monday, May 16. I know all the details in this note. Who is leaving the contest, Locho Loccisano or Majo Martino?

Majo and Locho face off in "La H".
© The thirteenMajo and Locho face each other in “La H”.

Spoiler Alert | It is Monday, May 16 from 10:45 p.m. a new elimination gala arrives in The Hotel of the Famous, the most watched program in that time slot. In this opportunity, May Martino, who could not overcome the labyrinth, will face in “La H” ante Locho Locasano who was again voted by his companions in the “All against all”.

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In social networks there was no lack of forecasts from fans of the contest, although different accounts related to the show revealed the name of the person who leaves the program next Monday. This is Majo Martino, who fails to complete the challenge.

I don’t feel like playing in the H with her, and I don’t feel like staying if I don’t have someone like Majo to hold me. Today in the afternoon I asked him to please leave everything to stay and now I have to give everything for him to leave, the situation is very rare”, Locho had said in the last program.

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Los days and times of the program that lead Pampita and Chino Leunis:

  • Monday: elimination gala (10:45 p.m.).
  • From Tuesday to Friday: Coexistence (10:45 p.m.).
  • Saturday: The Hotel debate (10:45 p.m.).