Home Entertainment ** SPOILERS ** For the WWE SmackDown from tonight

** SPOILERS ** For the WWE SmackDown from tonight

Many thanks to Neil Adam Mark and Ben H. for the following WWE SmackDown spoilers from today's Tapings in Manchester, England. These will air on the USA Network tonight and we will be broadcasting this broadcast live at 20.00 ET.

* SmackDown Commissioner Shane McMahon opens the show in the ring with SmackDown general manager Paige. Shane admits he's not the best in the world and says he did everything he did at the WWE World Cup tournament for the brand. Shane announces that The Miz and Daniel Bryan will be the joint team captains for the men's SmackDown team. Bryan was originally announced, but Miz was interrupted and Shane changed his mind. Shane will also be in the team. Miz actually chose Shane as a team member, but Shane hesitated before agreeing. Shane also confirmed the series The Bar vs.. The Authors of Pain for Survivor

* Rey Mysterio vs. Andrade "Cien" Almas takes place this evening

* The Usos defeated the new day to possibly become the team captains for a day Survival Series Tag Team Match. After the match, the Usos took the microphone and praised the new day. The Usos select The New Day to take part in the Survivor Series Tag Team Battle

* Backstage segment with Daniel Bryan and The Miz discussing Rey Mysterio for Team SmackDown. Bryan wants him in the team, but Miz says he has not achieved anything since his return. If Rey defeats Almas tonight, Rey will form the team. They decide that the fifth team member will also be decided on a game tonight. Bryan and Miz will select the participants

* Women's SmackDown champion, Becky Lynch, pops and shoots RAW Women's Champion RAW Rousey's RAW promo. Becky asks Ronda who the hell she thinks. Becky says that Ronda is not yet a champion because she did not have a proper test. Becky says she is The Man and she does not care if Rousey is the worst girl in the world because Becky makes Rousey her son in the Survivor Series. Becky does not bother to respect Ronda, only her arm. Becky poses an open challenge and the SAnitY music hits. Eric Young, Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe come out. WWE NXT Superstar Nikki Cross is a huge pop with them. You trade words on the microphone and we have a match

* SmackDown champion Becky Lynch defeated Nikki Cross in a fun, aggressive fight. Becky controlled most of the game, but it was not squash

* Backstage segment with Daniel Bryan and The Miz. Bryan chooses Jeff Hardy for the match for last place while Miz picks Samoa Joe

* Rey Mysterio def. Andrade "Cien" Almas to secure Team SmackDown. Great match with "this is awesome" chants. Rey won with the 619. After the match, Randy Orton stormed the crowd and put Rey out with an RKO that did not have a big pop anywhere

* SmackDown General Manager Paige joins the ring to introduce the Survivor Women's SmackDown Team. Carmella is out first. R-Truth accompanies her to the ring. Naomi is out next, followed by Sonya Deville, Asuka and then Charlotte Flair. Flair should come out, but their music just plays. Mandy Rose comes out instead. Paige says Rose will not replace Flair. Rose wants to know why she was selected via Deville. Rose dises the other participants and a big brawl breaks out. Rose withdraws

Samoa Joe def. Jeff Hardy to claim the last place in Team SmackDown. Miz and Daniel Bryan watched the match from the ring. After the match, Joe Bryan mocks and they begin to argue. Bryan uses the yes lock, but Miz breaks it open. Miz and Bryan do it now, until Shane McMahon makes the save. Bryan accidentally hits Shane. SmackDown is out of the air. Shane, Joe, Bryan and Miz stare at each other



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