Sport compact: Ski jumping world champion Romøren survives cancer

From “A” like American football to “F” like football to “Z” like decathlon: the world of sport is diverse. Every day somewhere in the world, more or less important competitions take place, which due to the dominance of fewer sports are hardly noticed or even go under. Wrongly, we think – and report here and above all about high-class sport away from football.

+++ Ski jumper Romøren survives cancer +++

Former top ski jumper Bjørn Einar Romøren has survived cancer. As the 39-year-old Norwegian confirmed to TV2, he already received the redeeming message from his doctor in January. Romøren made his illness public in summer 2019. Doctors had discovered a tumor in the back of the former ski flying world record holder. “It was a real shitty feeling as if you had pulled the plug,” recalled Scandinavian at TV2. After the diagnosis, he had to endure 13 chemotherapy and 36 radiation treatments. Romøren ended his active career after the 2014 season. In 2004 and 2006 he won world championship gold in ski flying with Team Norway, at the 2006 Olympic Games in Turin he won bronze in team jumping with the team. In March 2005, he set a world record for skiing at 239 meters, which was only surpassed six years later by Finnish Janne Happonen on the Monsterbakken in Vikersund.

+++ DFL condemns video by Herthas Kalou: “Absolutely unacceptable” +++

The German Football League (DFL) has strongly condemned a spicy Facebook video by Hertha professional Salomon Kalou. “The pictures of Salomon #Kalou from the booth of Hertha BSC are absolutely unacceptable. There can be no tolerance for this – also with regard to players and clubs who adhere to the guidelines because they have grasped the seriousness of the situation,” wrote the DFL on Monday afternoon on Twitter. The 34-year-old was seen in the video released on Monday. The video showed how his teammate Jordan Torunarigha is taking a sample for a corona test.

Kalou also filmed conversations in the locker room with teammate Vedad Ibisevic, among others. Throughout the entire video sequence, Kalou repeatedly shakes hands with fellow players or club employees. The video was no longer available online on Monday afternoon. According to the DFL concept, such contacts documented in the video away from the field and the training ground should be avoided.

+++ Three positive corona tests at 1. FC Köln +++

There were three positive corona tests at 1. FC Köln. As the Bundesliga team announced on its website on Friday evening, the trio was sent to a 14-day domestic quarantine. “All are symptom-free,” it said. According to the “Bild” newspaper, two players and a physiotherapist are affected.

“1. FC Köln will not confirm names out of respect for the privacy of those concerned,” said the club. The team, trainer and supervisory staff were tested on Thursday.

The training operation could continue as planned due to the hygiene and infection protection measures in group training that had been in place since April 6, it said. The procedure was also coordinated with, among others, Task Force Chairman Tim Meyer. “The previous measures as well as the strategy of regular tests have proven that we can now respond with individual solutions,” said Cologne managing director Horst Heldt.

+++ Former Gummersbacher Larsson died in traffic accident +++

Fredrik Larsson in 2013 in the VfL Gummersbach jersey

Former Swedish international handball player Fredrik Larsson died in a traffic accident at the age of 36. This was confirmed by a spokesman for the Swedish national handball teams on Thursday. “We feel great dismay and sadness, and our thoughts go to Fredrik’s family and relatives,” he told the German Press Agency. Larsson played in the back of VfL Gummersbach from 2012 to 2014 and ended his career in 2016.

First, the Swedish newspaper “Aftonbladet” reported about Larsson’s death. According to her, he was killed on Tuesday when he was hit by a truck while cycling. Larsson therefore leaves two daughters next to his partner.

+++ French league is about to end the season +++

The French football league is facing the end of the season because of the coronavirus pandemic. Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said in a speech to the National Assembly on Tuesday that the 2019/20 season of professional sports could not be resumed. A reaction from Ligue 1 is still pending. If the season is actually canceled, Paris Saint-Germain with coach Thomas Tuchel could be declared champion ahead of schedule.

Games have been on hold in Ligue 1 since mid-March. There are still ten games to be played, PSG still has to play eleven games. The Tuchel Club leads the table with a twelve-point lead over Olympique Marseille. For Tuchel it would be the second championship title in the second year at the Capital Club.

The league originally wanted to continue playing from mid-June. A season break would now result in considerable financial losses for the clubs. The clubs would lose more than 100 million euros in TV money, and there would also be a lack of revenue from ticketing and sponsoring.

+++ Fifa chief medical officer is skeptical about continuing the season +++

Fifa chief medical officer Michel D’Hooghe has expressed “skeptical” about the continuation of the currently interrupted football season in view of the coronavirus pandemic. “If they could start the 2020/21 season in late August or early September, I would be happy. They could possibly avoid the second wave of the virus, which is not impossible,” said the chairman of the medical commission of the World Association of the English newspaper Telegraph “.

The Belgian sees various problems with a possible resumption of play soon. “There is a risk that fans will come together to watch a game even if it is without spectators,” D’Hooghe told The Times. “You have to be very careful. But I also know from my experience that in football the balance between health and economy tends to be the economy. If there is only one time when health should win over the economy, it would be now. “

The minimum distance on the football field could not be maintained, and the usual spitting of players would be a problem due to the spread of the virus, D’Hooghe justified his skepticism. “I would ask everyone to be very careful before making the decision to play football again, and I cannot answer when it will be possible again because no one knows how the virus will develop in the coming months.” According to its own statement, Fifa’s medical commission deals with all medical aspects of football.

+++ Klaus Allofs warns of bankruptcies in ghost games over a longer period of time +++

Former soccer manager Klaus Allofs warns of a bankruptcy wave if the clubs in the soccer Bundesliga have to get along with games without spectators in the stadium for a long time. “If we talk about the fact that we may play permanently without a spectator until the end of the year or into the next year, only very few will survive,” said the 63-year-old of the “Rheinische Post” in Düsseldorf.

A continuation of the season interrupted by the corona pandemic has a special symbolic power that also harbors risks. “It’s more a question of psychology. What signals do you send? It doesn’t make a big difference whether you start in two or four weeks. But it shouldn’t be the signal that we all no longer have to be disciplined,” emphasized Allofs, who worked in responsible positions for Werder Bremen and VfL Wolfsburg for a long time.

+++ Tsitsipas jokes with birthday boy Kyrgios +++

Professional tennis player Nick Kyrgios may never have had so many calls for his birthday. The Australian turned 25 on Monday (April 27), which in turn prompted competitor Stefanos Tsitsipas to congratulate Kyrgios in a very special way. The Greek posted a picture on Instagram holding a sign saying “Call me”. Below you can also see: the current telephone number of the birthday child.

As a result, his cell phone was apparently no longer standing still. “Everyone, stop calling me,” Kyrgios wrote in the comments below the post. And addressed to rival Tsitsipas: “You are an idiot.” The eccentric Australian was not really serious. So he added his “hard” words to three smileys with tears of joy. It is not known whether he subsequently tried to change his phone number. The point for the (so far) funniest birthday greeting of the year goes to Tsitsipas.

+++ Klose becomes co-trainer of Flick +++

Ex-international Miroslav Klose will become assistant to head coach Hansi Flick at Bayern after a media report for the coming season. The 41-year-old, who is currently training the U17 juniors at Munich, has given the German soccer record champions his “yes” word, Eurosport reported on Monday. The “kicker” had reported online on Sunday evening that Klose’s approval of the position of assistant coach was getting closer and was imminent.

There was initially no official confirmation of the Eurosport information. According to dpa research, at least no contract has been signed. During his professional career, Klose had always made it so that only when something was to be announced quickly. The fact is that the contract of the former Bayern professional as Munich U17 coach expires this summer.

+++ Formula 1 plans season start on July 5th with ghost races in Austria +++

Formula 1 wants to start its season postponed because of the corona pandemic with a race in Austria on July 5th. The racing series announced on Monday. The wish is also a racing calendar with 15 to 18 events. This should be finalized and published as soon as possible. After a start in Europe, the season should at best end in December with the races in Bahrain and Abu Dhabi. The season finale was originally planned for late November. The first races will definitely take place without fans, but Formula 1 hopes that this situation can change over the course of the year.

The organizers of the French Grand Prix in Le Castellet had previously announced that the race had to be canceled this year. The legal regulations make it impossible for the event in southern France to be carried out as planned. The Grand Prix was previously scheduled for June 28. The Monaco Grand Prix had previously been canceled and eight other races had to be postponed.

+++ Mayor of Halle prohibits ghost games +++

The HFC is one of at least eight clubs that advocate an early end of the season. “According to our assessment, the exception to the ban on contact with players on the pitch, the different rules for single quarantines and the spatial requirements and partitions that are difficult to implement in our stadium are problematic,” President Jens Rauschenbach told the newspaper. The entrepreneur himself contracted Covid-19 and has since recovered.

+++ Werder thinks about ghost games outside of Bremen +++

Werder Bremen is considering moving to a possible new start for the Bundesliga. “If it should be the case that we cannot play in Bremen, you would have to look for alternative venues,” said Werder boss Klaus Filbry at Radio Bremen: “But we don’t assume that.” Bremen’s senator Ulrich Mäurer (SPD) has so far spoken out against ghost games in the Weser Stadium.

The Bremen senator had already canceled the home game against Bayer Leverkusen, which was originally planned for March 16, without spectators. The disputes between the first division team and the bricklayers also include the participation in the police costs in risk games.

+++ Ex-boxing champion Mike Tyson: comeback possible for charitable purposes +++

Former world boxing champion Mike Tyson is considering returning to the ring. It’s about charity, the 53-year-old American said in a podcast. He wants to support homeless people and drug addicts with charity fights. The “baddest man on the planet”, as he always called himself, left open when and against whom he could stand in the ring. “I’ll get in shape,” said Eisen-Mike. However, the show fights should not last longer than four rounds.

In 1987, the ex-champion became the first heavyweight in the world to be the undisputed champion of the large associations (WBC, WBA, IBF). In his professional career, he fought 58 fights and won 50, 44 of them by knockout. In 2002, Tyson was dethroned by the British Lennox Lewis, in 2005 he ended his career in the ring.

+++ Barca sells naming rights to Camp Nou +++

The Spanish football club FC Barcelona plans to sell the naming rights to its legendary Camp Nou stadium for one season. It would be the first time in the 63-year history of the Catalans. The proceeds are to be used to finance “research projects and the global fight against the coronavirus pandemic,” the club said. As the British Daily Mail reports, billionaire Alki David is said to be interested in naming rights. The 51-year-old’s assets are estimated at three billion euros. David, who is said to be good friends with former world boxing champion Mike Tyson, is the heir to the Leventis family, which owns Coca-Cola bottling plants around the world. If the business comes about, a few million euros should go over the table. What the venerable stadium of the Messi club will be called is unclear.

+++ J.Lo apparently interested in New York Mets +++

Singer Jennifer Lopez and her fiance, former baseball professional Alex Rodriguez, apparently want to buy the US professional baseball team “New York Mets”. This is currently reported by various US media, including the “New York Post”. As early as March, Rodriguez said in “The Tonight Show” that “I would definitely look at it if the opportunity existed.” After the sale of the traditional club and two-time World Series winner failed in December 2019, the chance now seems to be there. At that time, an investor had offered $ 2.6 billion for the MLB franchise. Lopez and Rodriguez’s assets are estimated at approximately $ 700 million. To acquire a majority stake in the Mets, the couple reportedly plans to get JPMorgan Chase on board as an investor. The deal would also be piquant because Rodiguez had been in the New York Yankees ‘jersey, the Mets’ archenemy, for twelve years. One can especially look forward to the reactions of the fans if the spectacular deal comes about.

+++ season in handball Bundesliga canceled – THW Kiel declared champion +++

The seasons in the 1st and 2nd Handball Bundesliga have been canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. The 36 clubs decided on Tuesday with a large majority. THW Kiel was declared German Champion.

+++ Tour de France does not start until August +++ due to the coronavirus pandemic

Cyclists’ 107th Tour de France has been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The organizer ASO confirmed this. The tour originally planned from June 27 to July 19 is now to take place from August 29 to September 20.

+++ British motorsport legend Sir Stirling Moss died +++

British motorsport legend Sir Stirling Moss is dead. His wife Lady Moss said on Sunday, according to the English daily “Daily Mail”: “He died the way he lived: wonderful looking.” The former Formula 1 driver reportedly died on Sunday at the age of 90. “Sir Stirling, we will miss you,” wrote the Mercedes team about his former driver. Formula 1 published an obituary on their homepage.

Moss was considered one of the best pilots in the premier class of motorsport, but the deserved crowning achievement as world champion was denied to the PS knight. The London-born driver finished second in the World Cup four times and third three times.

The Briton was always close to fulfilling his life’s dream before having to give it up after the 1962 Goodwood horror accident. A comeback attempt a year later failed, later he became a successful real estate agent. In March 2000, Moss was knighted. In early 2018, he retired from public life after months of hospitalization and was cared for by nurses at home. His wife Susie attended his 90th birthday celebrations in September 2019 without him.

+++ Draisaitl’s teammate Cave died after bleeding from the brain +++

The ice hockey pro Colby Cave, teammate of Leon Draisaitl at the Edmonton Oilers, has died of a brain hemorrhage. The 25-year-old died early in the morning, the von Cave family said via its Edmonton NHL team on Saturday (local time). The Canadian had suffered a cerebral hemorrhage a few days ago and had a colloid cyst removed in an emergency operation. The German international Draisaitl then sent recovery requests via Instagram and wrote: “My prayers are with you and your family, Colby.” Attackers Cave had scored a goal for the Oilers this season.

+++ Bremen’s senator does not want to let Werder down in the event of problems +++

Bremen’s senator Ulrich Mäurer has promised Werder Bremen help in the event of problems due to the effects of the corona pandemic. “The Senate has shown that we do not abandon sport in this situation. That also applies to Werder,” the 68-year-old SPD politician is quoted by the “Bild”. Like many other Bundesliga clubs, the crisis hits the penultimate table hard. Because of the currently interrupted season, there is a lack of audience revenue. It is also unclear whether – and if so, when – the clubs will receive an outstanding rate of TV money.

Media report: New rules for referees for Bundesliga continuation

For the referees in the Bundesliga, new guidelines should apply if the game continues. The “Bild” newspaper reported with reference to a secret video conference, in which the referees were informed of the measures. According to this, DFB director Heike Ullrich, DFB department head Florian Götte and referee boss Lutz Michael Fröhlich have declared that the ban on whistling games from their own region has been lifted. Instead, the referees should be used even more regionally to minimize travel.

+++ FC Bayern trains from Monday onwards in small groups +++

FC Bayern Munich is back on the grass. From this Monday, the German record-breaking champion will at least be training in small groups again. According to dpa information, the units in the corona crisis should take place under strict conditions and in compliance with all the specified regulations. At first the “kicker” reported about it.

According to the report, the professionals are divided into four groups. These should be picked up at intervals in the underground car park on the club premises and brought to several cabins. Afterwards you will train in different places. The stars should then shower and eat at home. Cyber ​​training, which was last carried out via video chat, can be used as a variant in the training work.

Some of the 18 Bundesliga clubs had already started training last week, with numerous other clubs to start training on the pitch from Monday onwards. The season is currently suspended until at least the end of April.

+++ Age limit for professionals lowered: Clear the way for BVB-Super Talent Moukoko +++

For the Dortmund super talent Youssoufa Moukoko, the way into the Bundesliga is clear. Borussia Dortmund’s efforts to get early permission to play for younger players in the Bundesliga were successful. The DFL assembly approved on Tuesday the vast majority of the district club’s proposal that a player be allowed to play after the age of 16. “We are very happy about this decision,” said BVB youth coordinator Lars Ricken on Thursday of the “kicker”.

Mega talent Yousoufa Moukoko is only 15 years old, and will be allowed to play in the Bundesliga from November

Mega talent Yousoufa Moukoko is only 15 years old, and will be allowed to play in the Bundesliga from November

This means that the 15-year-old Moukoko could already play in the top German division in November. So far, this was only allowed if a player was 18 or older or younger than the U19. BVB saw this as an international competitive disadvantage.

“The majority of the clubs now want to give young, exceptionally talented players the opportunity to take the next step in their development in absolute exceptional cases,” said Ricken of the DFL vote.

Moukoko is one of the greatest talents in Germany. In the current season he scored 34 times for BVB’s U19 in 20 league games and put on nine more goals. The fast attacker celebrates his 16th birthday on November 20.

+++ Wolfsburg professionals forego salary and help in the supermarket +++

Football Bundesliga club VfL Wolfsburg announced several solidarity measures during the Corona crisis. The players and the management of the “Wolves” waive part of their salary, the VfL announced in a press release on Thursday, without providing further details. In addition, a total of six professionals from Wolfsburg want to help this Friday to fill up the shelves in two supermarkets in the region. In view of the spread of the corona pandemic, VfL plans to launch several social campaigns of this kind in the coming weeks under the motto “We thank the heroes of everyday life”.

+++ Short-time work at THW Kiel: solidarity +++

Handball record champion THW Kiel applies for short-time allowance for its players, coaches and employees. The Bundesliga leaders announced on Thursday. “They agreed unanimously to short-time work and, in addition, agreed in part to substantial wage cuts,” said Managing Directors Sabine Holdorf-Schust and Viktor Szilagyi. Because of the Corona crisis, the Handball Bundesliga has also suspended its operations and has to forego income.

+++ BVB boss Watzke does not expect the 50 + 1 rule to be lifted +++

Despite the financial problems caused by the corona crisis, Hans-Joachim Watzke does not expect the 50 + 1 rule to be lifted in German professional football. “The consequences will certainly last longer. But at some point normal conditions will come back again. I am therefore not afraid that about 50 + 1 will be tipped over or that there will be new kick-off times in the long term,” Borussia Dortmund’s managing director told the “kicker” (Thursday). He would “continue to fight against it anyway”. “And if I see what the DFL is currently planning, then you don’t have to worry about that,” added the BVB boss.

+++ Wimbledon canceled due to coronavirus crisis +++

Wimbledon is out of action for the first time since World War II. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the tennis tournament scheduled to take place from June 29 to July 12 will not be held, the organizers announced on Wednesday and announced the next edition for June 28 to July 11, 2021.

+++ Frodeno plans “Ironman at home” +++

The three-time Ironman World Champion Jan Frodeno wants to complete a complete Ironman distance in his own four walls in his Spanish isolation. “They say: ‘Please don’t try this at home!’ But I say: I want to swim 3.8 km, bike 180 km and run a marathon. Everything at home. Everything between a sunrise and sunset, “wrote Frodeno on Wednesday on Facebook and Instagram.

“No, this is not an April Fool’s joke,” the 38-year-old native of Cologne assured the German press agency on Wednesday. The unusual event is planned for Easter Saturday. Frodeno wants to donate possible income from sponsors or the like.

“It sounds extraordinary. An Ironman is generally always a bit unusual. But something very special is what people are doing here in Spain, but also in Germany and worldwide, especially in the healthcare system,” stressed Frodeno. His other message: stay at home, stay fit.

The three-time Hawaii world champion lives with his family in Girona near Barcelona. He is also affected by the curfew caused by the corona pandamia in Spain. Normal training is not possible.

+++ Off for Hoffmann at HSV +++

Bernd Hoffmann’s second era at Hamburger SV ended in the middle of the corona crisis. After a four-hour meeting of the supervisory board on Saturday, the association announced that the 57-year-old would be released from his duties as chief executive officer with immediate effect. This was preceded by a long smoldering power struggle between Hoffmann on the one hand and his colleagues on the board Jonas Boldt (sports) and Frank Wettstein (finance) on the other. Boldt and Wettstein will now continue to manage HSV Fußball AG as a board duo.

“I would have loved to lead HSV through this crisis, but I have to accept that the supervisory board decided to take a different route,” said Hoffmann on the club website. “It was an honor to serve HSV.”

In addition, Max-Arnold Köttgen and Thomas Schulz, who are considered Hoffmann supporters, stepped down from the Supervisory Board. HSV President and ex-international Marcell Jansen will be the new chairman of the supervisory board as Köttgen’s successor. After the resignations, the control committee now consists of five people.

On Wednesday, the control committee of HSV-Fußball AG, represented by Köttgen, his deputies Andreas Peters and Jansen, invited the three board members to face-to-face meetings in the Volkspark Stadium.

Boldt and Wettstein made it clear that they can no longer imagine working with Hoffmann. They accuse him of allegedly exceeding competencies and going it alone. Now the seven members of the supervisory board had to decide – and the decision was made against Hoffmann.

Hoffmann already worked for HSV from 2003 to 2011 as CEO. After his contract was not renewed, he had to leave. He made a comeback seven years later.

He first became honorary president of the entire association in February 2018 and also took over the chairmanship of the supervisory board. His first act was the separation from the then CEO Heribert Bruchhagen and sports director Jens Todt. In May 2018, Hoffmann temporarily took up the post of CEO. The following September he received a contract until the end of June 2021.

+++ Bundesliga: top clubs donate 20 million euros +++

With a campaign that is unprecedented in the history of the Bundesliga, the four German Champions League participants want to support the first and second division clubs that are economically at fault through the Corona pandemic. FC Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, RB Leipzig and Bayer Leverkusen have made a total of 20 million euros available as a sign of solidarity. According to a press release from the German Football League (DFL), the four clubs are foregoing media revenue of EUR 12.5 million in favor of the other clubs and increasing this amount by their own funds by EUR 7.5 million. “The aim is to support clubs in the Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga in cases of hardship triggered by the Corona crisis,” says the DFL website.

+++ “No alternative”: Challenge Roth 2020 canceled +++

The 19th edition of the legendary Challenge Roth in the Nuremberg metropolitan region planned for July 5 is canceled. This was announced by the organizer family Walchshöfer on Thursday in a statement from the target area of ​​the long-distance classic. Alice Walchshöfer emphasized that it was the most difficult decision since the race was founded in 2002. “We struggled for a long time, considered and looked for possible alternatives, but the constant spread of this terrible virus in almost every country in the world has made us painfully understand and understand that a cancellation for this year is ultimately no alternative,” it said Roth. The race over 3.8 kilometers swimming, 180 kilometers cycling and a marathon has been booked out within a few hours for years. 3,400 individual starters had registered this time. For the first time, the top 3 of the Ironman Hawaii for women and men, including Ironman world champions Anne Haug and Jan Frodeno, had announced themselves for the competition of the professionals.

+++ Club sends table tennis professional Timo Boll in short-time work +++

Table tennis professional Timo Boll feels the effects of the coronavirus pandemic firsthand. “I’m also on short-time work, my club Borussia Düsseldorf reacted quickly. But that’s perfectly fine,” said the three-time Olympic medalist to the “Tagesspiegel”. It is important for Boll that his sponsors remain with him in the difficult phase. The postponement of the Olympic Games to the coming year is logical for Boll. “I would have even preferred to postpone the games by two years,” said the 39-year-old. Because nobody knows what it will look like in terms of health in terms of mass events in one year.

+++ Turkish boxer sick after qualifying tournament +++

The International Olympic Committee came under fire after the coronavirus infection of two Turkish boxers and their head coach at the qualifying tournament in London. “While the world has taken extreme measures to fight the virus, I am amazed that an IOC task force and the British government approved the tournament, although many of us were concerned,” quoted Guardian Association president Eyup Gozgec. “It was irresponsible. And the result is that three team members have now tested positive. All are in treatment and luckily in good condition.” The tournament started in mid-March with 350 athletes from 40 countries and was canceled after three days.

+++ “Insanely terrifying”: Degenkolb comments on possible tour cancellation +++

For the German professional cyclist John Degenkolb, the (still open) cancellation of the Tour de France 2020 would be “terrifying in the first place”. In the ZDF morning magazine, the 31-year-old also emphasized that it would be “absolutely the right decision” if it could be used to slow down the pandemic and slow down the infection rate. Like many other top athletes, the native of Thuringia is in an emotional quandary. On the one hand, it is “incredibly frustrating when you have been preparing for the races all winter,” said Degenkolb. On the other hand, he is happy that “you can now spend a lot of time with the family.” According to Degenkolb, many professional teams have already switched to short-time work in order to limit the economic damage. In addition to all the spring classics, Degenkolb’s “home race” Eschborn-Frankfurt was canceled due to the ongoing corona crisis, which traditionally takes place on May 1st.

+++ DFL recommends Bundesliga break until April 30th +++

That was hardly to be expected: the German Football League has reacted to the Corona crisis and wants to extend the suspension of matches in the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga at least until April 30th. The 36 professional clubs will most likely decide on a corresponding recommendation from the Presidium at the General Meeting on March 31. Games 26 and 27 had previously been canceled due to the corona virus pandemic.

The DFL is now working intensively on concepts to play games at a given time without stadium spectators and with a minimum of labor in the areas of sport, general organization and the media. The goal remains to bring the season to a close – also to avoid losses in the industry of at least 750 million euros. Eintracht Frankfurt’s sports director Fredi Bobic brought daily games into the conversation. Waiver of wages by players, coaches and officials should also minimize losses. Borussia Mönchengladbach, FC Bayern, BVB and Mainz 05 have already agreed on this.

+++ Official: UEFA postpones finals of European Cup competitions +++

The European Football Union has now officially postponed the Champions League and Europa League finals, which were originally planned for the end of May, indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic. Uefa announced this now. The finals in the premier class were originally scheduled to rise on May 30 in Istanbul, the final in the Europa League on May 27 in Gdansk. The relocation also affects the Champions League for women, where the winner should be determined on May 24 in Vienna. Due to the corona crisis, all European club competitions are currently suspended. There are still four round of 16 second leg games in the Champions League, including that of Bayern Munich against Chelsea. In the Europa League, only six of eight round of 16 first leg matches could take place.

+++ Breitner attacks IOC: “That makes me sick” +++

The former soccer player sees the International Olympic Committee as a negative example in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. The IOC has not yet postponed the summer games planned in Tokyo from July 24 to August 9. “When I see these irresponsible profile neurotics at the IOC, I feel sick! They seriously want a high office for doping in Tokyo in summer. Are they blind? Don’t they know what’s going on?” Said the 68-year-old Bayer Breiter in Interview with the newspapers “Münchner Merkur” and “tz”.

“In times when the entire medical focus is on Covid-19. What do they think, what will happen now, what we will have in Tokyo? Again: a high mass of doping,” said Breitner: “How can I do one to hold such an event just because the Japanese don’t give out any numbers or they use their numbers to do anything to blind the world? To have a reason to stick to those Olympics, yeah damn it, who needs those games these times ? Nobody!”

Breitner explicitly welcomed UEFA’s decision to postpone the European Championship by 2021.

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