Sporting Toulon recruits a player from the Hyères football club

The bustle continues at the edge of the harbour. After the departure on Saturday of coach Ludovic Batelli, replaced on Monday by Michel Poinsignon, Sporting (currently 12th out of 16 in the South pool) welcomes two new recruits to its workforce.

And if the arrival of Adam Boujamaa (23 years old) – who had been training with the Var team for a few weeks – had already been announced in our columns, that of a former member of the house, Farah Gomis (29 years old) , is surprising.

a take of “Guéguerre”

Trained at the club and passed through Fréjus-Saint Raphaël, Uzès, Marignane or Aubagne, the powerful midfielder played for the neighboring club, the Hyères football club, in the same pool as Sporting. He had also done very badly in the first leg (1-1), at the end of August at Bon-Rencontre, before gradually leaving the compositions with the departure of Lilian Compan and the arrival of Hakim Malek on the bench of the city. palms.

A new episode of the fierce transfer window between the club chaired by Claude Joye and that chaired by Mourad Boudjellal since at the start of the season, the Hyérois club had “stung” the emblematic Toulon defender Mohamed Sahnoune.

After having played the first part of the season in Hyères, (Farah Gomis) wishes to return to his favorite club despite the desire of the Hyères club to keep it and extend it“, insisted the Toulon club, in the press release published today on the website.

Born in Toulouse, Boujamaa is an attacking midfielder who evolved in Colomiers then in the reserve of Guingamp, before joining Béziers in Ligue 2 for two seasons. After a year in Morocco at MC Oujda, his adventure in Montana, Bulgaria, came to a halt, stopped by the Covid.