Sportpaleis Group: “Compulsory masking creates growing confidence… (Merksem)

A photo of the concert of Bazart Friday.


Sportpaleis Group, the company that is responsible for the Lotto Arena, among other things, notices that the mouth mask requirement gives concert visitors more confidence. In the Lotto Arena, fans could enjoy two concerts by the band Bazart on Friday and Saturday. The concerts were sold out, but there was a big difference between the two: Saturday people wore a mouth mask, Friday did not. But a mouth mask turned out to be no reason to stay at home.

Saar Van Olmen

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“Since the reopening, the concert sector has noticed that the number of visitors who do not show up is significantly higher than before the corona crisis,” says Sportpaleis Group. “Depending on the genre, it concerns percentages of 10 to sometimes even more than 30 percent.” The company says that according to research, in addition to the inability to present a valid Covid Safe Ticket (CST), fear of contracting an infection is the reason to cancel your visit.

According to visitor figures, 13.56 percent did not show up on Friday, while 11.35 percent of the places remained empty on Saturday. That is a difference of two percent.

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More trust with the concert visitor

“What we cautiously predicted and hoped for has come true,” says Jan Van Esbroeck, CEO of the Sportpaleis Group. “It seems that the stricter measures that have been announced have given concertgoers more confidence.” Van Esbroeck does state that it concerns only two concerts. “It may well be that that ratio will be different for some music genres or events. But these comparable figures – the same artist, the same hall – already indicate that the current measures have a positive effect on the willingness to experience concerts.”

According to the company, some people spontaneously wore a mouth mask on Friday and the duty was well observed on Saturday evening. “Employees of Lotto Arena supervised the correct putting on of the mouth mask. Strictly following the regulations is a crucial task, after all, it is the discipline that will lead the sector through this crisis least unscathed.”

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