Sports bra at EM game? What the Czech Tomas Kalas underwear is all about

European Championship round of 16
Curious underwear from Czech players: what’s the Kalas sports bra all about?

For a brief moment in the 32nd minute, the outlines of the bizarre underwear were clearly visible to TV viewers

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Attentive spectators were amazed at the underwear of defender Kalas during the broadcast of the round of 16 between the Netherlands and the Czech Republic – was the 28-year-old really wearing a sports bra?

The fact that outsiders could win the Czech Republic against the technically gifted Dutch, hardly a viewer had on the tip-slip. There was also plenty of cause for discussion during the game – first of all the intervention of the video assistant, which ultimately resulted in the potentially decisive dismissal for the Elftal. But not only the surprise result should have left some viewers with questions.

European Championship round of 16: Curious underwear from Czech players: What is the Kalas sports bra all about?

High-tech sports equipment instead of fashion trends

It is the 32nd minute and it is still 0-0 when Czech defender Tomas Kalas appears. Attentive spectators could see the outlines of a supposed sports bra under his white jersey. But what the 28-year-old central defender from the English second division was wearing probably belongs in the high-tech fashion category.

The strange underdress is probably a so-called GPS bra. According to “”, such bras are used by many professional clubs during training sessions and games to collect movement data from the players. Walking distances, speed, heart rate – these and many other useful data would be collected with the underwear made of neoprene.

The GPS bra would consist of a belt for the upper body and a pocket in the neck with a memory chip. On the one hand, the data could be followed live on the sidelines. Above all, detailed analyzes can be carried out in retrospect.

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