Sports. Enduro cross: Alex Goux-Vivian Henriot, a shared and victorious passion

Or ? For what occasion ?

On the Charles de Mortemart circuit, in Hombourg-Budange, on the occasion of the Grand-Est endurance championship, a 6-hour marathon event, organized last Sunday by the TTTMC (Thionville Tout Terrain Moto-Club) of President Jean-Noël Goux in extreme conditions and in front of a masked audience of specialists who had responded in large numbers despite the downpours.


Endurance is a long-lasting event that invites competitors to combine the qualities of an endurist with those of a motocross rider, the race being contested over a 10.5 kilometer course made of meadow for speed, glades for skill and cross country for the athletic component.

Who ?

A pair, a tandem, a team made up of a 40-year-old crossman, Alexandre Goux, a small boss in the city of a multiservice box and the 46-year-old enduro rider, Vivian Henriot, dentist from Thionville.

The first got his hands on the handlebars at the age of 11, “by family tradition”, to very quickly become one of the great hopes of the supercross in Lorraine, at the Galaxie d’Amnéville but also for a founding memory at the Stade de France in 1998. “ Snarling, catchy ”, the Manomois who paid his tribute to the bad luck of several fractures has built a nice track record in 85cm3 before winning the endurance of Thionville for the first time in 2017 with his favorite partner, winning solo l last year.

The second had to wait until adolescence to get on the machine. With first recognitions in his home club in Stenay, in the Ardennes. It was at the TTTMC that the endurance racer first made a name for himself alongside “Pope” Didier Roncalli, then by signing a first in endurance racing in 2009, associated with Jérémy Lamour. Fast, “thoughtful”, Henriot has competed twice in the Touquet enduro, becoming vice-champion of France in National A in 2004 and climbing on the podium of the same category in cross-country.

For both of them, motorcycles are more than “an anti-stress valve”, “the passion of a lifetime”.

End of race on the wheel caps

Nothing had been planned. Saturday morning, Alex Goux had to defend his title in solo. Vivian Henriot had passed her turn. And then during the day the passion was the strongest and the couple reformed. In extremis. Goux-Henriot had won in 2017, but the duo had some scores to settle with the event: “I can no longer count the times when the victory has passed under our noses, says Goux. We are even the Poulidors of endurance. One year, we broke the machine on the last lap, another, we were disqualified for the finish. “And Henriot now remembers losing the championship on the edge against crossmen Nicolas-Gervaise. Nine seconds over six hours. On Sunday, luck turned for the better. Starting on the grid in 26th position, Henriot spun the train of Charron, three times French National champion, the big favorite of the race to come out of the first lap in third position. At the end of the 6 hours, the tandem released the slide rule and Goux, author of the fastest lap of the day (11 ’42’ ‘687), finished on the hats of the wheel. This time the emotion was at the rendezvous.


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