Since the news broke that Andrés Felipe Román, a 25-year-old right back, suffers from heart disease, various sectors of sport have spoken out against the medical department of Millonarios.

Román was in his best footballing moment since he debuted in 2017, directed by Miguel Ángel Russo, an Argentine strategist who wanted him as a reinforcement for the giant Boca Juniors.

However, the pass was frustrated after the ‘xeneize’ team reported that the footballer from Bogotá did not pass the rigorous medical examinations. Later it was known that would have hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which is the leading cause of sudden death, according to the Argentine newspaper Olé.

Since then, Andrés Felipe Román’s sports career is adrift. For example, Norberto Debbag, an Argentine cardiologist, assured that it was the end of the competitive life of the Millonarios footballer.

“If the diagnosis is confirmed, it is the dismissal of the athlete from high competition because the consequence, which is sudden death, always occurs in people under 35 years of age and the first cause of death is this,” Debbag explained last week to Sports Blog, by Blu Radio.

Faced with this type of assertions, which were seen a lot on social networks, in addition to criticism of the Millionaires medical staff for, supposedly, hiding such information, The Association of Sports Medicine of Colombia (Amedco) issued a statement to discuss the case.

Doctors in Colombia support Millionaires and ask for calm in the case of Andrés Felipe Román

Amedco called for calm and pointed out that the media have launched accusations “without having reliable information beyond that reported by social networks”On the case of Román.

For this reason, he supported Millonarios and said that It is a serious and recognized institution, which has qualified specialists for the management of high performance athletes.

“Request that the media, without any serious consideration or investigation about the real situation of the athlete’s medical follow-up, refrain from issuing hasty concepts and more on medical issues that clearly go beyond their knowledge and competence.”, Settled the Amedco statement.

He also defended the ‘ambassador’ group, accused of hiding information, stating that Law 23 of 1981 must be respected, which establishes the confidentiality of patients’ medical records.


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